Dent pullers - do they work - blondiebombshell
has anybody had any success with those devices that claim they can pull the dents out of your car? I have a fairly small one on the back corner and was wondering if one of these could be my saviour - any feedback - good or bad???

dent pullers - do they work - bell boy
these dent pullers need a good grip to work then need a quick tug
are you up to the job of doing that with one?
if not dont try as you may cause more damage
dent pullers - do they work - Pugugly {P}
Is it worth getting a price from a "smart" repairer...?
dent pullers - do they work - Blue {P}
They tend to only work with very large and shallow dents, once you start talking about small sharp dents they aren't any good.

The dent will most likely need "rollering" out by a professional, but believe me it's worth the expense.

dent pullers - do they work - GregSwain
dent pullers - do they work

Very much like asking "spanners - do they work". Depends whether the tool suits the job, and also on the skill of the person using it.
dent pullers - do they work - Dipstick
You could always try the hairdryer and upside down can of squirty air technique. Won't do any harm if it doesn't work, and will cost you less than a fiver for the air if it does.

I posted a link to a video showing you how on this forum some time back at
dent pullers - do they work - jase1
I'm just wondering how large a dent has to be for the CO2+hair dryer method to work.

I got my rear door kicked by a scrote a couple of weeks back, and a bodyshop very kindly removed the bulk of the dent out for nowt.

However there is still a 3" diameter, maybe 1/4-1/2" dent still there, and if this method would work on a dent that small it would be a cheap way of avoiding that £50 bill.
dent pullers - do they work - normd2
I've had success with shallow dents in the past using suction cups. They can be found in various sizes in engineering supply places. For deeper dents where the paint is still ok I've seen amazing results whereby a guy uses levers with different shaped ends reaching in behind blind panels etc and teases the dent away. If you really mean a dent puller that's usually attached by a screw or even a weld and is for more serious work that also needs refinishing. Never tried the C02 and hair-dryer.

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