2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - bellgamin
I recently bought a 2007 Yaris 4-door with automatic transmission. I notice that there is a noise from the transmission whenever I slow down for a stop sign or traffic light. The noise is more noticeable from the driver's side than from the passenger's side. The noise is not easy to describe. It isn't exactly a "whine" but that's the best description I can come up with.

Also, I am not mechanically adept. Therefore I am merely assuming that this noise eminates from the transmission.

I now have nearly 1000 miles on the car, but I noticed the noise practically from the first day.

I checked transmission fluid. It's right at the correct line, & that's all I know to check out. I will take it to dealer service next week.

Is this a "typical/normal" noise for a new Yaris with automatic transmission? Or is this noise signalling me that trouble lies ahead? Or... what?

Any advice or comments will be very much appreciated.

aloha from Hawaii... bellgamin
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - injection doc
Back to dealer but it would be worth checking that there are no rubber grommets missing between the bulhead or a misplaced pipe or cable going through a grommet. This is quite common & in the confined space of an engine bay really ampliyfies the noise like a bake bean can. woth a check, had it on a nissan almera auto & it sounded dreadfull & all it was , was the steering shaft grommet missing on the nearside had it of been built for a left hand drive
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - Armitage Shanks {p}
Injection doc knows way more than me but I would ask you

1. Can you hear the noise when you start the car in 'P'?
2. Does it appear or change when you select 'D' or 'R'?
3. Does it appear or change when the car starts moving, in'D' or 'R'?

Obviously it is a new car so the dealer is the place to be for this one!
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - bellgamin

A) I took the car to the dealer on 5/9. The service coordinator confirmed that *something* was indeed making a noise. The service folks tested a couple of other 2007 Yaris's -- they did NOT make that noise. Thus, they agreed that my new car has a problem. The service coordinator further stated they could hear the noise while coasting, even when they killed the engine. At first they said the problem was with the transmission -- or the transaxle -- but I got the impression that they were not absolutely certain..

B) On 5/10 they elevated the issue to the *warranty* folks. The managers got in on the situation. Evidently they had at least one meeting of those folks today (5/11) to decide what they were going to do. For a while I got unofficial feedback that they might decide to say the noise was typical and "not a problem."

C) Late today I got semi-official word that they have decided to repair the "the problem" -- which they now say is the differential. This startles me. The only time I heard the noise was when I slowed down for a traffic light, or for slow moving cars ahead. I always thought the differential only became involved when cornering -- but then I am NOT mechanically adept. Far from it, in fact. (Duhhhhh)

I don't really care WHAT they fix, just so my car comes back to me altogether hale & hardy. Even so, I am verrrry curious as to how a differential could be the source of a whiney-type noise which manifests itself when I am slowing down while driving straight ahead.

If anyone can offer a theory, I would be very very grateful to them.

aloha... bellgamin
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - Spospe
The current model Yaris does not have a torque converter type of automatic transmission, it uses the normal Yaris manual gearbox / transaxle and changes gear using electric actuators.

The noise which you are hearing could indeed be from the diff and sounds rather like axle whine, which normally is due to poor assembly of the crown wheel / pinion.

It will be interesting to hear the final diagnosis after it has been repaired, please keep us posted.
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - bellgamin
@spospe- Thanks for the information. That is very helpful to know.

Status Report- It's been OVER 2 weeks and the Toyota dealer still has my new Yaris & still has not yet fixed it.

They are starting to talk in circles a bit. Namely, on 5/14/07 the service consultant told me he had ordered parts on that day - 5/14/07. Yesterday (5/23/07) I spoke to the service concierge & she said that her computer showed the parts were ordered on 5/23/07.

Afterward, when I again spoke to the service consultant about the part-ordering discrepency he said (in effect) "Oh yes -- that's because they were having meetings about your car." I asked him when the parts would arrive. He said 5 days or more.

I have a brand new car that I drove for only 3 weeks that has now been in the repair shop going on 3 weeks. In the meantime it is sitting there, day after day in the hot sun near a construction site. I asked them to at least put it under cover but they said there is "no room."

I have elevated the matter to the dealer's General Manager who said, "I will look into it."

I shoulda bought a Yugo {only kidding.} :-(
2007 Yaris transmission (?) noise - madf
Tell the dealer you are going to reject it under The Sale of Goods Act.. as they have had it so long and not fixed it.

That should put a fire under them.
They are clearly not a typical competent Toyota dealer imo...

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