Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - Niallster
2002 52 reg Hyundai Accent 1.5 CDX in Hip Hop Red. 70,000 miles. FSH.

My uncle just bought this thing for £2,000 cash. Seems a lot of car for the money but would welcome opinions and any tips on things to look for work to be done ASAP etc.

The Niallster.
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - bell boy
tell him to cover the brake pipes in grease
not a bad car i dont think
mileage a little high for the money i think
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - Brian Tryzers
not a bad car i dont think

Hmmm. There's a joint Skoda-Hyundai franchise in Coventry that services our Fabia, and their courtesy cars are Hyundais. They lent us a Matrix (compact MPV thingy) once that was ugly and plasticky but rather fun. But in those days I'd slipped into the view that there are no bad cars nowadays - until they lent me an Accent.
Driving this thing home, I found myself looking ahead for bumps and drain covers, so that I could avoid the pain of driving over them - the car didn't just bump, it felt as if it might do itself, and me, serious structural damage. Smoother, faster roads were no better - it was slow, noisy and the indicator and wiper switches were on the wrong sides. I abandoned all the other plans I'd had for the day and left the car on the drive until it was time to take it back.

Sorry to sound so negative, but I really can't imagine how anyone could drive one of these things and be willing to get in it again, let alone part with £2,000 for a four-year-old one. You'd get a lot of bus tickets for that.
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - peterb
Had it's sister-under-the-skin the Kia Rio as a hire care in Puero Rico a few years ago.

Very nasty.
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - bell boy
You obviously drove one that had been driven by everyone and his dog and the shockers were shocked,quite usual and the law for most loan cars,it quite likely had a tyre on the canvas as well
these cars drive quite well as did the earlier model but the 2000 one mentioned drive even nicer
remember its an a-b car
reminds me of the lady that had one daughter ,tried it didnt like it,if you get the jyist

Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - Brian Tryzers
How's that obvious, BB? The one I drove was outwardly presentable and well under a year old.
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - kievclive
Rented a 7 year old petrol model as an emergency a couple of years ago, drove out to Lvov (some 550kms) in appalling weather conditions right at the end of the winter when the roads are at their worse - the car was extremely comfortable and quite fun to drive - mind you, I knew I was going to return it in a few days. may have felt different if it had been long term.

Have a friend with an older version used as a run around in the UK and he speaks very highly of the model.
Opinion on car Hyundai Accent - movilogo
I drive a 1.5L Hyundai Accent X-reg [~70k] for last 6 months.
The car has not given any trouble so far, fun to drive, nippy in town, good at motorway, parts are not expensive either.

I have driven this car continously over 4 hours at a stretch without any leg or back pain.

I can see the bonnet from driver's seat, an option IMO very few modern car offers - it makes parking a joy.

Hyundai only gives 5 years warranty as standard since 2002.