Clutch problem ?? - CM
When the engine is cold there seems to be something funny with the clutch. The pedal seems to have a "sticky patch" halfway through lift off.

I was going to ask the garage to ease/grease the pedal but as this "symptom" disappears after about 10-15 mins, it has got me thinking whether it is the actual clutch rather than the pedal. Being Joe Public I have no idea how these things work but would appreciate any advice/thoughts.
Re: Clutch problem ?? - j.cronin
What car?-it may be the cable-getting better when the grease in it gets warm.
Re: Clutch problem ?? - CM
bmw 530d
Re: Clutch problem ?? - Andy Bairsto
Release bearing faulty maybe
Re: Clutch problem ?? - Richard Hall
Does it have a hydraulic clutch? Audis are known for doing this - changing the hydraulic fluid often fixes it.

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