A Class Classic/SE Spec - Cheeky
Please could any bright spark enlighten me as to the additions included with the Classic SE package to the previous generation A Class.
I believe standard Air Con was one thing, however would be keen to know anything else above the regualr Classic package.
Thinking of picking up a LWB version (Cargiant have plenty of examples)

Many thanks.
A Class Classic/SE Spec - stunorthants26
Might want to check the plethora of info on how unreliable these are before you worry about the spec!

Modern day equivelent of buying a Lada. Good luck.
A Class Classic/SE Spec - local yokel
Perhaps worse than a Lada - at least you can can access a Lada's engine etc. in the conventional way.
A Class Classic/SE Spec - stunorthants26
Im probably being unfair to Lada - they werent all that bad really for the price - maybe I should say that they are as bad as a Hillman Avenger :-)
A Class Classic/SE Spec - Armitage Shanks {p}
HJ did a raod test with the full spec of the 2005 model range on 19th January 2005 and in his list of road tests. I can't cut and paste the link for some reason.

Would you buy a car where the engine has to come out to change the glowplugs? £4500 SFAIK
A Class Classic/SE Spec - Cheeky
THanks for the warnings - I was unaware there were reliability issues with this car -- seems very strange for Mercedes though -- a marque of quality and distinction I always thought....

However, my father in law has run one for 5 or so years (A140) with no problems, only servicing and a friend of mine has the diesel which he cannot recommend highly enough.

I was going to go for the cheaper to run A140 LWB -- any info regarding the Classic vs Classic SE spec most welcome. I think all should be well for these models if they are properly serviced, looked after and attended to. So many owners these days expect their cars to run without bothering with any necessary maintenace work...
A Class Classic/SE Spec - barney100
Seems like Mercedes bashing is the fashion these days as Marks and Spencer was a while ago. Now M&S are back up again. Who will be next?. All I can say is that the two Mercedes I have owned have been excellent.
A Class Classic/SE Spec - madf
Mercedes bashing? Nope. Simple reality.

If you want bashing read the various Owner Club threads. There you will find professional bashing by people who have spent £30k plus on a NEW Mercedes and find it does not work properly and the service is carp.

Even Mercedes have admitted it publicly.

So if Mercedes admit it, it must be true...

and read this..


A Class Classic/SE Spec - AllTorque
All cars have their strengths and weaknesses, not just the A class. Much of the weakness these days seems to lie with main dealerships. I've experienced Merc, CW and Seat dealers first hand in the last 2 years and they are all glass palaces with no substance behind them. They all seem unable to deal with anything outside of standard servicing without having to have the car in several times, suggesting repairs by trial and error.

What I did wth my Merc was to find a local specialist. I'd recommend doing this before you buy; go and see them, assess what they are like and how much they charge. You'll probably speak to the person who works on your car which is good in my opinion. They will give you a few tips no doubt as it will bring them another customer. And then find a car with good evidence of being looked after, as you have mentioned.

If a well researched car buying decision goes wrong, fair enough - you can't do any more. Good luck with your purchase.
A Class Classic/SE Spec - Avant
To answer your question (it must be irritating when so many people don't) I think the main extra on the Classic SE over the Classic was aircon - so worthwhile. The LWB version as well as having more legroom had a less choppy ride.

That said, the voices of caution are many - if you look back a few pages there was a thread called 'A-class - who are they kidding' (should be 'whom'). There are some fair criticisms and some bashing, but right at the end HJ himself makes the point that needs to be made:

"I get a high level of complaints about expensive problems with old shape A Class more than 4 years old. Typically diagnosed as needing a new auto transmission at £5k , which is more than the car is worth. Also expensive steering and suspension problems. Unless you can buy a cast iron warranty with it, don't by an old shape A Class.

HJ "

A Class Classic/SE Spec - Aprilia
I am as big a Merc fan as anyone - I've spent years working on them (from the late 1970's) and owned loads. I've even done the factory tour and visited the museum.
The fact is though, that the A-class is a pig of a car. Poor adaption to RHD and the engine has to be dropped to loads of simple tasks - even changing the alternator drive belt is a long-winded job. Starter motors can fail and they are on the top of the engine - so the engine has to be dropped for that job!
Add to that parts which wear out prematurely (Air-con compressor, suspension, steering parts etc etc) and it really is not a good buy by any means. Unfortunately its not particularly nice to drive either. This is not 'bashing' this is fact.
I can only assume that A-class used values are kept afloat by middle-class types who don't know much about cars but like the idea of an MB badge on the drive.

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