Citroen Saxo - Closure
Hello, I have brought this 99 saxo, First one of my normal back light stopped working on the rear drivers side (When I turned my lights on). So I changed the bulb, didnt work. Next day the air bag light started flashing a few days later that problem went.
Now today by cockpit controls dont light up when I have my lights on, well they do but only when I brake..? Confusing. So I went back changed a few bulbs in the drivers side rear lights again, The normal light doesnt work still and now when I break the light doesnt even light up the cockpit like it did.
So now I have no normal light at the back and my cockpit controls now dont light up, So I cant see one what speed im going etc.
I have come to the thought that it is a bad connection in the back lights that is breaking a connection to the other lights.

Any idea's?
Citroen Saxo - Simon
It sounds like an electrical fault to do with the rear light. Are you sure you put the right bulb in and fitted it properly?
Citroen Saxo - Falkirk Bairn
Earthing fault would be my guess - random electrical blips can be as simle as a faulty earth - once you find out which earth that is.
Citroen Saxo - madf
Has all symptons of earthing fault. Check earthing in each rear light cluster.. removing earths, cleaning and refitting..Also check battery earth cable is properly connected and earth lead to chassis rail.

Citroen Saxo - bell boy
to be honest saxo back lights are pretty dire in the connection stakes and are prone to corrosion on the multiplug,take your back light out again check the bulbs as the wise men have said and then make sure the multiplug connector is snap tight on and bright clean and no bent connectors.
With relation to airbag light all saxos suffer this at sometime and is 99% of the time due to a connector under the seat making and breaking, the giveaway is you are new to the car and probably moved seat nearer/further away from steering wheel than previous owner.My cure for these is chop the connectors off and use cheeseblock ignition turned off keys in pocket obviously so nothing detonates
Citroen Saxo - LeePower
Check you have the correct rear bulbs fitted.

Check the plugs also, Normally the earth wire starts getting hot as the terminal in the plug gets wider ( Frencg electrics are great )

Igntion switches are also a Saxo favourite with faults but you normally lose the heater blower fan first.

Airbag light flashing, Thats the seatbelt pretensioners, dodgy connection under one of the seats like Oldman said.
Citroen Saxo - Closure
Thanks guys, Dont suppose you like know the layout of which bulbs should go where, Does the break light need 2 lights in it or just the one wire light in it?

Citroen Saxo - Peter D
It sounds like you have fitted a sigle element bulb in a twin elemt 5/21 side and brake light socket. Thus when you brake the dash lights up. You may have also distrubed a dodgey earth but you can normally spot these are the light are at half brilliance. The bulb layout is in the hand book not the manual or you can figure it out from the othere side once you have removed the bulb you changed. Regards Peter
Citroen Saxo - LeePower
Seeing as the Saxo is from the PSA stable the correct bulb fitments will also be on the lamp cluster itself if you look hard enough.

2 ( 3 on the right hand cluster, ones a fog light ) of the bulb holders will have 21 next to them ( indicator & reverse light )

The stop & tail will have 5 / 21 next to it for a twin filiment bulb.
Citroen Saxo - Closure
Thanks I will try out that bulb arrangement, Just a little update now my dash doesnt light up at all whether I break or not. Also my airbag light has started flashing, and going solid again.
Not a good day..
Citroen Saxo - LeePower
Night be worth cleaning up both battery connections as well while the tools are out.
Citroen Saxo - Closure
Fuse needed replacing :)

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