Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - James_dbrz
i have a 2000 xsara hdi and one of the injectors has had it i think the question is how many of the numbers onthe part number have to match up

the injectors i have are 0445 110 044. wil any 0445 110 injectors work with my ones or do i have to specifically get the ones ending in 044.

thanks in advance for any help
Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - LeePower
You must match the 10 digit Bosch ID number up EXACTLY.

If the ID numbers are the same then it will work, if the ID numbers are different then the part is different & you will have problems.

Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - James_dbrz
what if i got a full set of injectors with a different number would that be okay? like 0445 110 062 ?
Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - LeePower
I very much doubt it, stick with the original part number.

The reason the 10 digit number is different is because the part inside is different, it will have different specifiactions.

Ask Bosch Automotive for advice, they are very helpful.
Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - Aprilia
Call United Diesel for advice....

01939 291155

The standard injectors you have are not dear from UD - about £120 retail.
Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - Ross_D
The 90bhp HDi was fitted with 044, 062 and 078(?) throughout its lifetime, I replaced a set of 044's with a set of low mileage 062's without any problems on my old 306. They have the same size nozzles on them anyway.
As long as all of the injectors are of the same type you wont have any problems.
Citroen xsara hdi injectiors - James_dbrz
thanks for that i was looking to do the same

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