Smokey Renault Scenic Diesel - Tonyman
2001 Renault Scenic 1.9 Diesel, 50000 miles, apparently running OK but smokes a lot on hard acceleration. Is this normal for this engine? Will any petrol additive work? Are there any other cures?
Smokey Renault Scenic Diesel - JohnPug
Has the air filter been changed recently? Petrol additives won't help, but diesel ones might. It may just need an 'Italian Tune Up' a good thrashing in other words.
Smokey Renault Scenic Diesel - Collos25
Change the oil,filter,and air filter as John says give it a good long thrashing if it still does it then it could be injectors on the way out .
Smokey Renault Scenic Diesel - Xileno {P}
If an Italian Tune up doesn't work, go to your friendly Renault dealer and ask for some 'Reducteur de fume'. Will cost you about £14 but a lot cheaper than new injectors.

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