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94 Cavalier SRi 16V ecotec engine management light comes on. It used to go off if you flicked the ignition off/on whilst running, but now comes back on. I have followed the guide on Topbuzz to read the codes, and assuming it is a Simtec 56 the codes give 19 and 92, which indicate Incorrect Revs per Minute (RPM) signal (crankshaft sensor) Camshaft sensor, both shown as Incorrect signal fault. As both of these seem to be related to engine speed can anyone offer me an explanation. I don't believe it's down to faulty sensors as there are 2 (semi) related codes. Also is there any way of confirming it is a Simtec 56 (so I know I have the right codes) and also because it says in Topbuzz that you should have the engine running for the Symtec system, but I can only get the light to flash the codes with the engine off/ignition on. When the engine is running the Mgmt light just comes hard on
Cavalier SRI 16V engine mgmt codes - SpamCan61 {P}
There should be a nice big label on the side of the actual ECU with 'simtec 56' or whatever printed on it. Not sure where it's actually located on a Cavalier.

I'm pretty sure I've checked my Omega ecotec blink codes without the engine running without problems, I'll go and have a play this evening if no-one else is 100% sure.

These Ecotecs do seem to eat cam & crank sensors for no good reason, always worth checking the crank sensor cable is routed correctly, well away from the exhaust manifold.
Cavalier SRI 16V engine mgmt codes - Screwloose

If memory serves; the ECU should be in the driver's side kick panel; next to the accelerator pedal. If it's not there, try the passenger's side. If it's the X20XEV engine, then a Simtec 56 sounds right. Check the cam sensor's connexions and it's wiring for fraying/chafing near the sensor. I've a feeling that there used to be a modified piece of loom available for some of these engines.

Always beware of crank sensor codes on Vauxhalls when the engine isn't running. Although they are indeed often faulty, a slack cambelt can also cause crank/cam codes due to lack of syncronicity. If it's slack - change it; don't re-tension it.

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