How do i estimate car insurance? - Morgann
Ok, anyone know much, or work for car insurance people?

Despite doing maintainance and helping people fixing them for years, and spending much of my youth working in halfords, hell, give me a scrapyard for a week and i could probably build one but i've avoided getting a car (i'm a bit of an eco-warrior) but needs must and now i need to for work. An im a few moths away from getting my lisence.
But i can't even guess vaguely at how much it will be as i know no-one with similar general circumstances and age etc.

No insurance companies will give me a quote without a lisence number, and i only want a ball park figure so i can stockpile that amount for when the time comes as i have to arrange a morgage as well.
Can anyone help with estimating my figure, roughly? or take a good educated guess based on experience or similar details?

I'm over 25, under 30
new driver (obvoiusly)
getting a 1.2 hatchback, either 6 or 4 years old depending on which one i get
will be removing the in car stereo, selling it, and replacing with an unstealable cassette version.
with imobiliser
in the middle band of resedential risk areas (aparently)
on street parking

and i need fully comp

I dont want to end up not being able to cover my new car. I know it will drop a lot after the first year but its the first year im interested in.

can anyone help? or am i fighting a lost cause?


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How do i estimate car insurance? - Stuartli
Have you tried entering your details as facts, plus a particular car or cars that match your requirements, into online car insurance companies' websites to obtain quotes?

You don't always have to provide a registration number if I remember correctly and you would probably get a range of quotes that would give you an idea of what to expect for real.

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How do i estimate car insurance? - Altea Ego
Use a fake telephone number (with correct area code for your area), fake email address ( i favour a bloke called Mr Know Wun, and fake hous enumber with the correct full post code.

Reason? ONline insurance companies log who makes enquiries, and will weight against people who try and get the quote down by changing details
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How do i estimate car insurance? - Dalglish
... You don't always have to provide a registration number ..

yes, try

they have the option to get a quote without a registration number.

a ball park figure in your case might be anything from £1000 to £2000 depending on which town you live in,

p.s. as a teacher, it is worth asking your teacher's union for help - they may have an arrangement with some insurers for special deals.

How do i estimate car insurance? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Try ringing every company which has an 0800 or other Freephone number, in Yellow Pages. It will take time but it won't cost you anything. That said, I don't think many people are going to give a valid quote if you can't name a make and model that you intend to buy. The insurance Groups can vary a lot, especially if you are looking at a Japanese car - they may well be higher rated
How do i estimate car insurance? - mss1tw
I can recommend the 306 as a cheap to insure diesel hatchback. Nothing else came close.
How do i estimate car insurance? - DavidHM
Your mileage may vary but:

I'm over 25, under 30 - good

female - very good

teacher - very good

new driver (obvoiusly) - very bad

getting a 1.2 hatchback, either 6 or 4 years old depending on which one i get - depends which model

will be removing the in car stereo, selling it, and replacing with an unstealable cassette version - will make absolutely no difference whatsoever to premium, and you'll spend money buying a crappy stereo. Don't bother unless it's a Ford - no market for the cassette players and the original CD players are stealable.

diesel - not if it's a 1.2

with imobiliser - as standard since 1996, so yes.

in the middle band of resedential risk areas (aparently) - distinctly average, obvioiusly.

on street parking - bad but not major

and i need fully comp - may or may not increase the premium, depending on which one is right for you.

I reckon for that lot, around £550 for a group 5/6 car, off the top of my head - but I don't work in insurance.
How do i estimate car insurance? - Bill Payer
My daughter is a 23yr old teacher and parks a 1.2 Ibiza (2 yrs old) on the road. It's insurance group 3.

Her insurance is with Admiral and, roughly, it started off at just under £600, then £550 last year, then just under £500 this year.

A TIP: Try adding an older named additional driver with a clean licence - your Mum etc. With Admiral that reduced the premiums.
Also (this is very bizzare) she had Social Domestic & Pleasure use (including commuting) but just added business use as she has to go from school to school duing the day. That *reduced* her premium and she got a £15 rebate for part of the remainder of the year.
How do i estimate car insurance? - Kevin
Google "Adrian Flux" and give them a call.

No personal connection other than as a satisfied customer. They should be able to give you a ballpark figure over the phone.


PS. I hope you don't teach English :-0
How do i estimate car insurance? - Roger Jones
From all the above, plus guesswork, it looks like you will be unlucky to pay over £1000 and very lucky to pay under £500, so budget on £750 and play all the strong cards, including your union (as suggested above) and limiting your mileage. Average non-business mileage is 10,000+; few non-business drivers do more than 15,000; a great many do less than 5,000 and plenty do less than 3,000. You could start out on a 3,000 limit and, if it looks like being too low, raise it for an extra premium when needed.

I reckon it's best to be absolutely honest with insurance companies. If you're not, you'll get caught out one day -- not just a slap on the wrist but possibly loaded premiums or refusals to insure thenceforth, and not only on the car. And it's good to be able to sleep with a clear conscience.
How do i estimate car insurance? - oilrag
Morgann, You can get a quote before you purchase a car, I have always done this without needing a registration number. You can ring up and give them the 2 cars to assess to compare. All you should need is year and model. If they DO want registration numbers, go and find the model and year at a used car lot and give them that. say you are comparing costs.Tell them your situation, I think an open, honest communication of your circumstances is essential ( As Roger Jones also points out) You will find they will help, after all, you are a potential new customer.
Probably your cheapest option would be to get an older car for just a few hundred pounds and insure it for third party fire and theft.
That way building up a no claims discount.
I am with Direct Line and was in a local government post where there was an option of the seemingly *union promoted* insurance.
It just was not competative and that remained the case during my many years in the service.
If you budget £1.000 insurance for the cars you have in mind, there should be no really nasty surprises.
When I first started out I drove for several years in an old banger, without fully comp cover and saved a lot.
I now find that specifiing under 10.000 miles saves quite a bit too.
How do i estimate car insurance? - oilrag
Just a further point, ( sorry about the spelling mistake I made in my last post, "specifiiing" rather than *specifying* :)
You could obtain *Class one Business Use* if you are going to drive other than commuting to work and leisure use.
That would allow you carry someone in your car in connection with teaching.
Its only available with comprehensive cover though.
How do i estimate car insurance? - artful dodger {P}

You will need to know which insurance group any particular car is in. To check go to:
These can still vary from one insurance company to another, so they are a good guide. It might be worth reading some of the other pages on this site as it contains some useful information.

Best of luck in getting a good second hand car and affordable insurance.

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How do i estimate car insurance? - daveyjp
Go to No need for a reg, just choose the car you are considering. When done you can go back and simply change the car type as often as you like.

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