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Just wanted to ask the forum, whether the extra expense of buying products such as Diamondbrite is really worth it? I ask as the car I've just purchased came with a small bottle of the conserver, and should I get the shampoo to do the job?

They make great claims to protect car paintwork, but then are they any better than the well known off the shelf brands like Turtle Wax, and if they are can are these high prices justified? Are there any other products which are as good?

Sorry so many questions for my first posting, but would like to hear what you guys have to say about this.

Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - mss1tw
Nope, spend the money on some good quality Meguiars wax/polish and a buffer.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - oilrag
With a clearcoat paint finish all you really have to do is wash the car.

IMHO if you do *want* to polish, money is best spent on one of the many convential wax/polishes available.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - oilrag
Fiona, Just to expand a bit, ( And forgive me if you already know)There is a clear coating on top of metallic paint and also most solid colours too, so really its already protected.
If it is this type of paint and you want to wax polish it, be sure to get a non abrasive polish.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - Dynamic Dave
If you put "diamondbrite" or "Diamond brite" into the forum search (on the RHS of the page, just under where you log in) you will find quite a few opinions on this stuff, mainly that it ain't worth paying the dealer for it when it can be sourced cheaper elsewhere and applying it yourself.

For example:
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - Roly93
Nope, spend the money on some good quality Meguiars wax/polish and
a buffer.

Seconded, I have used Diamondbrite which I bought on Ebay, it is no better (if as good even) than a good quality hi-tech polish. An utter waste of money if you buy it as part of a new car package at a dealer.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - Victorbox
Plenty on paint sealants here www.clean-image.co.uk/paintsealant/index.htm but trained car valeters are likely to do a far better job than the dealer and cheaper too as the dealer won't be taking his cut.
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I used to apply diamondbrite as part of my job - it doesnt work on paintwork although their interior products for preserving trim and fabrics are quite good.

It was supposed to reduce the chance of stonechips but infact stonechips got measurably worse after I applied it.

Just use a good quality polish every 6 months and thats all a car needs.

Actually the more important thing is to maintain the look of wheels and clean the brakedust away pref every 500 miles but certainly every 1000 or you have to start using harsh acid cleaners once it gets baked on. All wheels need is soap and water and if you really wanna be clever, polish them just like the paintwork and the brakedust comes off much easier.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - FionaC

Thank you for all your replies, and sorry to have dragged the subject up again I only found the previous ones after joining the forum.

I won't bother buying Diamondbrite, it sounds too good to be true, and with an overinflated price would appeal to those who think expensive/ exclusive mean the best. I'll use Autoglym next time it needs a clean.

Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - barchettaman
Hi Fiona,
If you use the Autoglym Super Resin polish (the white stuff), make sure it doesn´t get onto any grey plastic trim as it´s liable to stain it and it´ll look awful. Have fun.
Diamondbrite and other car cleaners - Mad Maxy
There are much better products around than Meguiars, Autoglym and Turtle Wax etc. Is the finish better? Maybe. But the bestd stuff lasts longer. Check out car detailing sites for products like Zymol, Swissol, Carlack, P21S, Souveran, Zaino's and Mother's. The best way to get a good finish is to wash, clay, apply scratch remover (Meguiar's is OK), polish and then wax - either synthetic or carnauba.

DIY is cheaper but paying saves you time. Whether the cost is worth the convenience is a personal decision. But get a professional valeter - or preferaby detailer - to do it. Don't involve the dealer.

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