Plusgas - DP
After the Ford Ka spark plug debacle (the whole sorry tale is in "Technical"), I really should get around to getting some Plusgas. It has occurred to me though that I have never seen it for sale anywhere on the High Street.

Where do you get it from?

Plusgas - glowplug
I buy mine from the local independant after saving up!
Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Plusgas - bell boy
buy it at the pumps,its called diesel,much cheaper than in a posh can
Plusgas - Hamsafar
If you put some plusglass in a small vessel and diesel in another, they're like chalk and cheese!
Plusgas - bell boy
Dont drink them then ;-o
Plusgas - Roly93
buy it at the pumps,its called diesel,much cheaper than in a
posh can

Well said ! Plus Gas and the other various makes of releasing fluid are in my experience largely a placebo.
Plusgas - Phil I
Bought mine on Saturday from local factor. 200ml Aerosol @£4.00. Preferred my rectangular can with thin spout bought in 1951. Cannot recall how much I paid for it but it ran out on Friday last.

Phil I
Plusgas - jc2
Halfords!!!-not just diesel-I think there is some paraffin in it as well.
Plusgas - Aprilia
Its still available in the rectangular tins with spout.

Plusgas - 659FBE
It's easier to get it to the right spot if you buy an aerosol can with a tube. I'm a fan of plus gas, but I do wonder if diesel oil is just as good.

I'm probably going to do a front suspension overhaul on the horrid B5 Passat next week - the one where the top pinch bolts seize in place. Although it's not fully scientific as the nearside gets more muck, I'll use plusgas on one side and diesel fuel on the other for similar soaking times and report back. I hate that front suspension - the bolts are pelted with muck off the tyre which goes in the slots, the bolts are unplated (thanks VW) and the whole thing just looks wrong. End of rant.

Plusgas - bell boy
give the diesel treatment to the n/s as this side usually gets more road muck etc
Plusgas - Aprilia
Parafin or petrol would probably work as well. I've used PlusGas for 30+ years but I've no idea whether it works or not - maybe its all in the mind?
Plusgas - Altea Ego
Plus gas in a spray can (with tube) was the only thing that would relieve a tap bidy securing nut under my sink.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Plusgas - Lud
There is no substitute for a giant Stillson. Ask James May tee hee...
Plusgas - 659FBE
Job done. (Ugh!). There was actually very little difference between the plusgas and the diesel fuel. The main thing when shifting these pinch bolts is to get some axial preload on them (I used a small but longish 2 jaw puller) and rotate to and fro the bolt head under preload to shift it. Bashing away at the bolt threaded end just turns the thing into a rivet.

If any of you have a newish B5 Passat or clone, take these bolts out once a year and grease them - it can be done in situ without removing the wheel or jacking the car up. When the inevitable happens to the front suspension, the job is almost easy if the bolts are free.

I have said my piece about this design - I hope the engineer was shot. They have not repeated it on the latest Passat.

Plusgas - L'escargot
Is Plusgas any better than WD40 or other similar products that are available?
Plusgas - jc2
It penetrates better.It's a penetrant not a lubricant.
Plusgas - Mapmaker
WD40 is not a lubricant - it is too volatile. It is a solvent - which is why it frees stuck locks, because it dissolves the mixture of oil and grit that has accumulated in the lock over the previous decade. However, as it evaporates, the lock stick again, so you must add some lubricant before this happens.

>>If any of you have a newish B5 Passat or clone, take these bolts out once a year and grease them - it

Are these bolts designed to be greased? If not, then you probably shouldn't grease them otherwise you are not following the design.
Plusgas - DP
Thank you all for the replies.

I have never seen it in Halfords and the like, and my local motor factor who has shelves of all manner of automotive related fluids and chemicals doesn't sell it.

Obviously been looking in the wrong places. Need to track some of this down before I tackle the other 3 plugs on this Ka.

Plusgas - adverse camber
re the b5 bolts, if they arent designed to be greased shoot the designer again. They seize badly and you can get to the point when trying to get them out that the lugs on the main strut bend/snap - not cheap.

On the plus side new bolts are cheap and mine are now covered in grease.
Plusgas - Dynamic Dave
WD40 is not a lubricant

That's not what they say.

"The world's number one multi-purpose lubricant."

"WD-40's lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed and hold firmly to all moving parts"

Plusgas - DP
Among its other properties, WD40 is a very effective degreasant. It should be used with caution around bearings, drive chains etc.

I use it mostly for its cleaning and rust prevention properties. I find good old fashioned 3 in 1 oil is better for general lubrication.



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