SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - woodside
Car is 3.5 year old and done 58000 and has dropped a valve. Dealers say never heard of this happening before. Options are new engine ( £3500 ) or re-build.
Am considering re-manufactured engine but replacement heads are apparently in short supply. Any suggestions / recommendations
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - George Porge
Find out the engine code and contact VW / seat breakers for a similar replacement with a 3 month warranty ;-)
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - yorkiebar
Replacement heads are in short supply but the dealers have never heard of this happening?

Hmmm ?
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - woodside
Thanks...Availability of spare heads have been compared to hens teeth
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - bell boy
got to agree with dox a good breaker will sell you a good low mileage engine for this for £500 just make sure the belt is changed before you have the engine fitted
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - woodside
Thanks...I have traced one, Audi4U, to Bridgewater in Somerset, can you point me in the direction of others please.
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - George Porge

Some links here
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - Soupytwist

They're local to me but I've never used them.

VW Audi Breakers
Station Appoach, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 8BN
Tel: 01225 792900

Not local to me but I did buy some trim parts from them a while back and they were good.
Soupytwist !
SEAT Ibiza 1.4SE - bell boy
Put your details into this site and the breakers will phone you from all over the country with different prices including delivery to your door ,do it when you can answer the phone for the next 2 hours uninterupted mind because your phone will either explode or nobody will have one.

Good luck

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