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(Thread created to contain two separate sets of complaints, but locked because the complaint is being attended to. HJ)
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - artful dodger {P}
A couple of days ago I updated my Norton Internet Security from 2006 to 2007. Now I am suffering from pop-up adverts, which I now know are tied to this site as this evening I am getting a bingo liner site loading a new page every time I click on another thread I want to read.

Do you know if the pop-up blocker in Norton Internet Security 2006 has been removed in the 2007 version? I can find no reference in the manual.

Alternatively can anyone recommend a pop-up blocker (preferably free download) that works well.

For the moderators: I feel sure you will get lots of complaints about the frequency of the bingo liner site. I have contacted HJ with a complaint.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Stuartli
Both IE and Firefox have their own built-in pop-up blocker.
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Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - DavidHM
Internet Explorer 7, Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Google Toolbar are pretty impenetrable as far as popups are concerned for me.

Except for one site (I won't say which, it's not terribly important or well known) which has always given me problems, advertising smileys for MSN Messenger. If the advert is this persistent I dread to think what kind of popups would invade my PC if I actually installed the software.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - artful dodger {P}

HJ has not been very helpful, I quote:

"It's a pop-under, not a pop-up. I just checked. You need to sort out your setting so it sits behind the home page rather than in front."

My reply is:

I have checked the IE built-in pop-up blocker and have revised the settings to their maximum, but still the bingo liner starts a new window every time I click on a new page. It is blocking my dial up internet connection, especially if I am also downloading a program update whilst reading on this site. I find this to be so annoying that I will consider stopping visiting this site.

My advice is change or drop this pop-under advert or loose a regular reader and contributor.

If other people also complain to HJ, we can get this particular advert changed.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Xileno {P}
I've never criticised these adverts before because of the revenue they generate but this current one is infuriating. I've been on this site for about three minutes and I've now got 25 IE windows open.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Armitage Shanks {p}
I suppose that the site, which costs us nothing, has to make money from somewhere but I have to say the Bingo pop-ups are a pain! I don't get them at home, but last night I was at work on my 'Government' computer and I was getting a Bingo pop-up each time I changed pages on this site. I finished up with about 30 in half an hour! They are annoying and I don't think many of us would actually avail ourselves of the 'service' offered. The price of getting rid of them may be a subscription based service and how many of us would want that? Rocks and hard places come to mind!
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - No FM2R
Actually I don't understand them. Ignoring the Backroom, because as you say it gets paid for them so for them its kind of a success, but what is in the minds of the advertisers themselves ? Surely these things don't actually work ? Surely it must annoy punters mroe than it attracts them ?

Mind you, even for the BAckroom there is a danger in swapping short term revenue gains for a longer term drop in traffic and consequently revenue.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Stargazer {P}
It doesnt make much sense to me either...I have a complete blind spot for any form of advertising! But what really bugs me is poorly written ads on the web that either dont have close boxes or dont work with some browsers due to various extensions or which crash browsers on a regular basis....the latter occurs with the work installation of Firefox but only on HJ pages, it doesnt happen on any other computer.

Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Stuartli
>>the latter occurs with the work installation of Firefox but only on HJ pages, it doesnt happen on any other computer.>>

I use Firefox and have no problems with HJ's website or, to be honest, any others.

I would suggest the problem with the work's computer is the configuration for security purposes.
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Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Pugugly {P}
I use IE7, BT/Yahoo's browser and Firefox depending on my mod. No probs with any of them.
Pop-up adverts - Norton 2007 - Dalglish
i do not have a pop-up blocker activated in ie6 nor in firefox.

however, i do not get bothered by any ads or pop-ups ( i do not see any ads on this page except for the inseted replacement which reads "[ad]" ).

how do i manage this?

1. simple. my firewall (agnitum outpost) has a built in plug in which blocks ads.
2. and the block list from spybot search&destroy (activated via its mode>advanced>tools>resident and ticking the box) prevents the majority of ad servers from getting to my pc.
3. add the block list from spyware-blaster

job done.
Popups - TimOrridge

I love this sit and find it a wealth of information when I need it. But can I ask one question?

Why do I get 50 million popups when I click on any link, please stop it it is so annoying. Even when I click back, I have billions of "Internet Explorers" open in my task bar. No joke, i got 3 popups whilst posting this!

It gives the impression of a dodgy site

Popups - LeighB
Use Firefox and eliminate popups.
Popups - malcolmg
I have learnt a lot from this site and hj in the telegraph and i dont beleive for 1 second that this is a dodgy site, but I have to admit, and I do understand that the site has to be funded by adverts, this latest bingo pop up is driving me mad. Every time you move between sections another one loads itself. I also think internet gambling is dangerous. I would rather pay, say £5 a month for this site.
Popups - Honestjohn
I have already e-mailed the agency about the annoying Bingo pop-under but no one will be there to take it off until Monday.

I'm also as hacked off as you are about the way the KIA expanding banners stop you using the buttons, so have been onto them about that as well.

I ought to explain that neither I not Stephen have any direct control over this. The ads are on the agency's server. And the agency has a habit of launching troublesome new campaigns on Fridays, then knocking off for the weekend.

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