Leaving Your Keys at a Carpark - Armitage Shanks {p}
Gentleman just walked into surgery with a strained shoulder, from changing a wheel on his car, parked in an airport car park. Tyre not punctured but ripped off the rim! New car with 60 miles recorded when parked and picked up with an extra 200 miles on it a wrecked tyre! No names but it was off site at Birmingham. Formal complaint entered and obvious lessons for those of us who park with an organisation that requires to leave them the keys!
Leaving Your Keys at a Carpark - Aprilia
Yes, I know the one you mean. And I had problems there years ago when I left a Rover Sterling with them....
Leaving Your Keys at a Carpark - mike hannon
Are you saying that anything tasty might get taken for a joyride? Dear oh dear. It's not just dealers' fitters then...
Leaving Your Keys at a Carpark - daveyjp
With such car parks it's well worth noting the mileage of the vehicle on the paperwork and getting both parties to sign it and get a copy. Any decent company wouldn't have a problem with this.

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