Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - carless
I have a W reg Pug 306 1.4 LX and whilst my son was out in it last night,the engine died (all the lights went out etc).Thanks to Kwik Fit the car is now home but the electric locking doesnt work and when you try and turn the car on,the "normal ignition lights" go out but the STOP,ABS and HAndbrake light flicker very dimly.Suiffice to say the car doesnt start.The car was serviced two weeks ago and has always run without a problem.....any ideas ????

Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - elekie&a/c doctor
Firstly check the battery terminals for good connections,especially if it has the "wind down" type of terminal.Also check the main battery earth leads where they bolt on to the side of the chassis leg (nearside) and onto the top of the gearbox.hth
Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - carless
Thanks for the advice,but whilst me and the other half were checking the car over for the battery leads etc,I noticed that the Engine Diagnostic Light,Oil Light and Battery Light were switching on and off whist the ignition key was in my hand.Now I either have a ghost in my car or perhaps you have heard of an electrical fault that may cause something like this to occur.The battery is dead presumably because the car has been switching on and off all night.Any ideas ???
Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - RichardW
306s do all sorts of odd things if the battery is dying. It's about the right time of year for batteries to just spontaneously die - I replaced the one in our ZX earlier this week - OK one day dead the next. If you've got a multi meter measure the battery voltage, if not, I'd be inclined to stick a new one in anyway (after checking that the terminals are secure and the engine earth strap is still connected!)

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - carless
Thanks to all who contributed for their advice,I have a guy from Home Start coming this morning to sort it out but the theory of an earth fault has now cropped up 4 times.Lets hope it cheap to repair.Once I get a diagnosis,I will post it on this site for future reference.Thanks again...
Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - brucey
mate you have a bad earth under the battery there are two bolted earths i think even though they look good they still may not be making a good contact you may have to unbolt the front one and put them both together.
Electrical fault Peugeot 306 - carless
Looks like its a major short in the engine..guy from homestart was fab but couldnt help so my little car is going into the garage on Thursday for an electrical dude to cast his beady over it.If I can find out what the issue is,I will post it so that anyone who has a similar prob can refer...again,thanks to all who have contributed.

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