Pub for lunch - daveyjp
You backroomers were very helpful in providing a lunch venue when we went for a weekend away to Northumberland in May 2005.

Our next venue for a weekend break is North Norfolk. We will be leaving mid morning and expect to be on the A17 by lunchtime. Do any backroomers know of any decent pubs off the A17 between Spalding and Kings Lynn which does good lunches?

Pub for lunch - Round The Bend
The A17 - probably the dullest section of road in the UK and hard to imagine any nice spots in this desolate area.

Where are you heading in North Norfolk? I'd be tempted to leave earlier and have a nice lunch at the Feathers, in Holt (an hour from Kings Lynn on the A148)
Pub for lunch - daveyjp
We are going somewhere near Sheringham. I've looked where Holt is and it's probably too far into the journey - we have a six month old who doesn't like being made to wait for food!! Thanks anyway and I'll keep this as a recommendation for when we are there.
Pub for lunch - DougB
Hi - Stopped at a pub in a place called Gedney a couple of years ago. Just off the A17. Think it was called the Black Lion. It was OK (in an area where OK is very good indeed). Try a google search on it.

Regards DougB
Pub for lunch - Round The Bend
Davey, I know what its like with nippers! Another suggestion is the Ffolkes Arms at Hillington - just out of Kings Lynn on the A148.

You may have gathered that the A148 is your best route to Sheringham area. ( A149 very slow/bendy. A47 horrible.)
Pub for lunch - petsco
My inlaws live in north nofolk and there are a lot of lovely pubs. None on the A17 though! The ffolkes arms is okay but not the best. If you go that little bit further you are into the realms of the burnhams with all their lovely pubs - the best with a youngster is possibly the lifeboat in Thornham - obviously some of the other pubs will be better for food/beer etc but that's probably not the highest priority when somebody wants feeding. I know!

This is near my grandmother in law and gets a good enough write up though.

Pub for lunch - Pat L
Dave, the Lifeboat in Thornham is a lovely pub overlooking marshes. Quality food and excellent service. Great place to stay as well! Very atmospheric in the evenings.
Pub for lunch - CGNorwich
Best bet by far is the Mermaid at Surfleet just off A16 on B1356 at Bridge - Approx 3 miles North of Spalding. Had a very enjohable lunch there - Is in Good Pub guide Nothing much after that until you hit Norfolk
Pub for lunch - bell boy
half the fun for me is just going in a place finding it appaling and then have 6 months ammunition for anyone going to the area with a ...............ooooooooooooo you dont want to go there
Pub for lunch - Lud
When I was minicabbing in South London I went into a pub at Tooting Bec while waiting for a punter. The beer was digusting (although from a brewery I thought acceptable at the time), the barman was a miserable old brute with a dripping nose, and there were only two other customers in the place, both decrepit and nursing half pints.

When I got back to the office and people were talking I said I had gone to an appalling pub in Tooting. They all started laughing and saying: Oh no! You didn't go into the Nonaminganshaming, did you? What an onanist! (or words to that effect).

If oldman wants I will give him its name, although it may well be perfectly all right by now.
Pub for lunch - Imagos
With the greastest respect to the thread author but which Pub to have lunch in, is discussing motoring in the loosest possible way if at all.

Maybe a eating out/ pub forum would be more suitable. (or even IHAQ)
Pub for lunch - GroovyMucker
Does this mean you're not going to be using your Telegraph tokens and getting two courses and a minuscule glass of Rioja for a tenner?

Joking apart, me and Mrs Mucker have just come back from a short break and had two good meals from that excellent offer.

And the amount of wine they serve you with will keep you well within the limit.
Pub for lunch - bell boy
to lud thanks but no thanks
to groovymucker..........serves you right up here in yorkshire you get nowt but a clout for nowt and whats in it for me me old mucka ..........think on next time ;-)
Pub for lunch - GroovyMucker
Heh heh

That was always the impression I'd had of you lot (... and if tha ever does owt for nowt, do it for thisen ...)

but the lunch we had at the Grouse at Silsden (which I am reliably informed is in Yshire) was excellent. It would have been worth the tenner even without the dribble of wine.

Pub for lunch - bell boy
we lock the gates at silsden (the ones with the big flashing lights at 10,30 every night )so you have to spend the night at skipton if your feeling lucky punk? well are you .... ;-)
Pub for lunch - GroovyMucker
You've not met wor lass, then?

smiley thing with goggly eyes and a look of sheer terror that I've forgotten how to do
Pub for lunch - bell boy
dont call her shirly do they? in silsden only? ;-)
Pub for lunch - Lud
And the amount of wine they serve you with will keep
you well within the limit.

Hardly worth it then. You have to be nudging the limit to have even a vague feeling that you might have had a drink. I do anyway.
Pub for lunch - daveyjp
CGNorwich - too your suggestion on board and 'The Mermaid' at Surfleet was excellent. Good location, good service and good price.

Agree the A17 was very boring and full of speed cameras mostly in the places where you have a good chance of overtaking the wagons meaning most drivers don't even attempt to overtake. Even with the cameras road deaths on this road were up about 25% (Oct 2004-Sep 05 41 deaths, Oct 05 - Sep 06 51 deaths). Did about 450 miles on the trip and driving around North Norfolk was a real pleasure. Very little traffic and well signed sensible limits. Managed 55 mpg over the whole trip, my best return for this car and shows how motoring at around 50mph for miles and miles really improves economy.

As ever there was the odd numpty like the Mondeo man yesterday who overtook on a right turn refuge, then deliberately took the wrong lane at a roundabout to undertake a wagon. 30 miles later on he was still only two wagons in front of us, exactly where he'd been when we first noticed him!

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