Best value roadside recovery - bobda
Currently with RAC, but due for renewal and I know I can get a better deal than my current £87/year Solution 1 with the RAC. It's a personal membership jobbie, so I can be in any car, although I'd be happy to have a car-based solution.

I don't like Green Flag, so they're out of the question and I'd like to be with a large company, even though I know a lot of the smaller companies are just as good. I suppose I'm limited to the AA and the RAC!

What are the best deals, currently?
Best value roadside recovery - Armitage Shanks {p}
Have a look here - compares 100 different providers.

Best value roadside recovery - Bill Payer
Brittania rescue?

If you qualify for CSMA membership (currently free) then you get can pretty comprehensive cover for £70.
Best value roadside recovery - local yokel
Bear in mind that you can pay for RAC membership with Tesco Club Card points at quadruple face value (same as the rest of the "deals").
Best value roadside recovery - SteVee
How do you define 'best value' ?

In the case of no breakdown, the best value is to be slf insured. You don't pay any money to anyone - but this could be expensive if you do breakdown.
This is even better if you know someone with a car trailer.

If you want to insure with a big company then I'd stick with whoever you're with now. At least you can then whinge 'T've been a customer of yours for x years' when you're waiting the obligatory 4 hours for transport home.
It won't do you any good, but you do need something to focus on as you sit in a freezing car.

Best value roadside recovery - artful dodger {P}
The answer you are looking for is by Martin Lewis, the money saving expert.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Best value roadside recovery - nick62
I've gone for the "Martin Lewis" recommendation this year.

Just over £30 for a year in any car and not "too good to be true" either. Just make sure you have your credit card with you and save almost £70 a year!
Best value roadside recovery - nick
I've been with autoaid for years. Used them a couple of times and the service was fine. Recovery with me within 30 mins and the bill refunded within a week. Highly recommended.
Best value roadside recovery - bobda
Cheers for the advice! I hadn't even thought of the Money Saving Expert site, which comes in handy so so often!

I rememebered last night that I have cover through Warranty Direct, so I'll dig out my paperwork and see what they cover. If it doesn't seem good enough, I'll go with AutoAid, seeing as I've always got my credit card on me anyway.

Thanks again!

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