Toledo 1.9TDI coolant change - mss1tw
Can one of our more mechanically minded members give me an idea how easy it is to change the coolant on this engine? I don't think there are any bleed screws, so is just a case of draining the rad, flushing, and filling up? Does the block also need draining?

I will probably use a flushing agent too, is there a recommended one?

Toledo 1.9TDI coolant change - caesar
Disconnect jubilee clip from the bottom hose take the hose off the rad and take off the coolant cap to allow the air in and away she drains. fit the hose and clip back on and fill up with your antifreeze and water mix(50/50 i think).
Not too sure about flushing stuff i woud just run a few gallon of water threw it as if its the same as central heating flush it can cause problems when used.
Hope this helps
Toledo 1.9TDI coolant change - mss1tw
Fantastic thanks caesar.

Off on a skiing holiday in France in January so need the anti-freeze to be up to scratch!

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