Replacing a thermostat Mk 3 Astra - allan doc
Can anyone advise me if there is any way of replacing the thermostat on a 1.6 Mk 3 Astra without removing the timing belt?. I looked at the haynes manual and it states that the timing belt has to be removed.
Replacing a thermostat Mk 3 Astra - yorkiebar
It sits behind it, you dont have a choice!
Replacing a thermostat Mk 3 Astra - Dynamic Dave
Earlier Astras were just about possible to do with the cambelt in situ. But I believe the backing plate that the belt cover attaches to is different on the engine fitted to the mk3 than it was on the mk1 Astra. On the Mk1you could loosen off the backing plate to just about give you enough clearance to jiggle out the thermostat. If you have to remove the belt, it's worth changing it and the tensioners at the same time as changing the thermostat.

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