Fully Synthetic Oil - Harry
Dear HJ,

I totally agree with your policy of using totally synthetic oil in order to protect the engine. I've just ordered a new Alfa 147, but the salesman said synthetic oil shouldn't be used until the engine has run in for a while. What would be your own recomendation be for an oil cange schedule on a brand new car?
Also, is there a particular brand that is best?
Re: Fully Synthetic Oil - honest john
It's all in my FAQ answer on this subject on the website. Current thinking is that modern engines are built so tight they need to suffer some wear in the first year or 10,000 miles at least. So leave the factory fill in. If you don't hit some serious revs in the first 10,000 miles it may even be better to leave it to 20,000 miles before you switch to fully synthetic. Put fully synth in too early and run the engine too slow and it won't loosen up. May even develop sticky rings and become an oil burner. Mobil 1 is the best fully synth.

Re: Fully Synthetic Oil - Pat O'Halloran
Hello HJ, Honda UK do not share your confidence in F.S. oil. My friend recently asked them whether it would be alright to use it in his '99 Civic as it is still under warranty - it has done about 13,000 miles. Their response was and I quote, " Honda does not have a recommendation to use f.s. oil in your vehicle. Although it can be used, its benefits will be negligible and the thinner constitution of the oil may lead to increased noise levels. It is generally our high performance vehicles that would be better suited to f.s. oil, these would include the NSX, S2000 and type R models".
My friend and I have both used Mobil 1 for years, I have used it in my last two Accords and am waiting for my current one to gain the milage before using it. He has used it in his Peugeot's at high speed regularly on the French motor - ways. Honda build good cars, but seem rather ignorant about this oil and its other benefits which are well published - not only by yourself. They do use semi synthetic tho' for servicing, is there any evidence regading their comments about noise levels ??

Regards, Pat
Re: Fully Synthetic Oil - John Slaughter

As many full synthetics have a relatively low top end viscosity (sometimes SAE 30), it is possible there could be more mechanical noise than with a 40 which is more common with Semi-synthetics, but I guess it will be marginal.


Re: Fully Synthetic Oil - Pat O'Halloran

Thanks for that, Mobil has a top end viscosity of 40 which should help
Honda worry less.



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