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mondeo auto gearbox supposed problem 60k - puggered
Hi, just wanted to know after reading about the mondeo mark 3, ie the latest model at moment available about the supposed problem there is regarding the auto gearbox on them going wrong after 60k. Does it exist because it is stated about this problem under the whatcar guide about the car.
mondeo auto gearbox supposed problem 60k - Aprilia
If it has the Ford CD4E autobox then don't ask questions, just run a mile. They all go wrong sometime between about 60-80k. Ford have given up on making their own autos and sold the business to ZF - so new 'Ford' boxes stand more chance of being reliable.
mondeo auto gearbox supposed problem 60k - Gazza
Is the 6-speed autobox in the Jaguar S-Type 2.5/3.0 a ZF box or Ford box?

I am seriously considering swapping my Mondeo TDCi for a 2.5 or 3.0 S-Type auto.

Would the box be any reliable?
mondeo auto gearbox supposed problem 60k - cheddar
Which Mondeo is it, the 5 speed Durashift "tiptronic" fitted to the 2.5 V6 from about 2002 and to the TDCi (though now dropped) has good reports, not so sure about the normal 4 speed auto though I know someone with a 2001 2.0 auto Mondeo that must be on 90k that is fine. Also the auto gearbox in the 1.6 Focus is well renown and is often recommended by HJ.
mondeo auto gearbox supposed problem 60k - Aprilia
The Jag uses a ZF 'box. The earlier examples have been troublesome (lots of TSBs), but recent ones seem to be good.

The four-speed Mondeo box is the old CD4E introduced in 1994/5 - its a dog of a thing and the reason that Ford basically got out of designing auto transmissions. There was a 'class action' case in the US involving owners of low-mileage cars with failed CD4E's.

The term 'Durashift' is a 'branding' term (like 'Zetec') and Ford apply it to all transmissions. The 5-speed+tip box in the 2.5's does seem to be good, presumably as a result of the ZF input.

The Focus 1.6 'box is actually a Mazda FN4AEL which Ford re-designate as 4F27E. I think the original design goes back to JATCO, with modifications by Mazda.

The Durashift CVT's that Ford produce are essentially of ZF design and of similar construction to the ZF units used in Minis etc.

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