Need help on Renault Scenic immobiliser! - kcjn48
Dear All,

I am driving Renault Scenic RXE 2.0 (1998). I just replaced my remote keys' batteries. Unfortunately the remote central locking don't work at all, even the immobilizer. My car can not be started now. Can anyone help me how to reset or deactivate the immobilizer OR start the car! Many thanks!

Need help on immobilizer! - bell boy
according to autodata you can temporarily start the car with the 4 digit code and the sequence in the owners manwell#i guess you havent got these?
i guess you didnt change the batteries within 15 seconds or something
i guess you didnt disarm the immobilisor before changing the batteries
i guess you havent another key?
i did all these a few months ago and found it had to go to the dealer to unlock it.............sorry but i scrapped the car...........
another reno a few months ago i unlocked with one blipper and then tryed to start with the other key (i was on the mobile at the time and not paying full attention) anyway the car wouldnt start at all ,the only way i got it to run again was by taking off the car battery terminal for 10 minutes and only using the blipper key with good batteries in (if you try this remember the radio code will be lost)

good luck......
Need help on immobilizer! - Altea Ego
Your keys have probably gone out of synch. You need someone with a "clip" or a clip clone (the "clip" is the renault handheld diag tool) to resynch your keys to the car.,
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