Dodge Caliber..any views? - barney100
Father in law has ordered the above and would like any feedback of it. It seems cheap but well equipped but there are issues on quality.
Dodge Caliber..any views? - Murphy The Cat
What issues are those ? surely it's to early to have quality issues, issues ?

The car sells like hot cakes in the States and the Americans love it.

I suspect that the biggest problem your Dad wil get is people telling him his car is dodgy - a hilarious play on words that he'll really find amusing after the 2nd person has said it.

Dodge Caliber..any views? - bell boy
or is it a beer or a lager
OP its up to you to tell us the views so that it will be compared with what top gear had to say
Dodge Caliber..any views? - Murphy The Cat
A ladt that I know took one for a test drive and said it was one hell of a lot of car and gadgets for the money, and outstanding value, but she was put off buying one because she thought that people would abuse her for having a 4x4 even though it isn't.

Dodge Caliber..any views? - Altea Ego
Its got a good stereo. (well its not actually any good, but its funky)
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Dodge Caliber..any views? - Lud
HJ says it drives a bit like a truck so women will like it. Reading between the lines, I don't think he does, much, but it could be a chubby city runabout good for bouncing over speed bumps. Don'e suppose it goes especially well or is super-frugal, but of course all cars are much better in these ways than they used to be.

That ought to be useful. I don't think I've actually seen one yet.
Dodge Caliber..any views? - barchettaman
It´s a big bore.
My, I´m on form today.

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