Peugeot 306 door multiplug - martynguk2002
Hi guys,

Sorry if this is answered else but I have done a search and cannot find any information

I have a 1996 306 D Turbo and it has the common problem of wires breaking in the drivers side door. I have been to a scrap yard to try to get a replacement but the number and positions of the pins in all the multiplugs that I have found are diffrent, I was wondering if anyone knows of a list or diagram that show what pin is for what.
The only things i need to connect up is electric windows and central locking.

Peugeot 306 door multiplug - megrandad
Yes this is quite a normal event for this model.You can make an easy repair by unpluging the multiplug then remove complete door[quite easy if you look ] peel back harness and rsolder wires together then encase them in an plastic plug called heatshrink Good luck
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - martynguk2002
Hi thanks for the reply,

the problem is that the wires have snapped very close to the molded end of the multi plug, and in some cases there is only a few mm of bare wire exposed, making resoldering very difficult. I was hoping to be able to get a better plug from a scrap yard with longer wires that I could work with.

But because the pins are in a diffrent place to mine im not sure if the wires that I will need are even connected up in the plugs I've seen.

The other thing was was thinking of was to remove the multiplug altogether and connect the wires up directly?

Peugeot 306 door multiplug - bell boy
thats what i would do through a nice big gromit or modify a door loom off another car
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - Screwloose

You can get a repair kit from the dealers which is a fully-wired plug fitted with two feet of cables - all black [so universal fit] but not cheap. Then whip the door off and make a careful diagram of which colour goes to which pin before jointing however many cables are fitted and tucking the excess wires into the pillar.
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - DL
Yes - as an ex-Peugeot tech that's the way to do it - the loom (£45-odd) and lots of patience!

Unless you can get hold of the service bulletin.........the only way is to manually record which wire goes where.
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - Dai O
Sounds like a good place to start locking as i have a problem with my locking on the rear doors, where is this multi plug located, is it inside the door panel, as all i have is a black rubber flexi sheath which carries the cables from the door pillar to the door, no sign of a multi plug??


Peugeot 306 door multiplug - SjB {P}
So, on the missus' 42k mile (or thereabouts, I recall) 1995 306 Sedan, how long have I got before this fiddly job if her example is typical? Obviously fatigue is related to usage and in this case how often the door is opened and closed, but does it also depend on how the assembler worked when the car was built? ie is there fitting tolerance that can accelerate or delay onset of this apparent design problem? Are there cable tidy clips which if undone can allow strain to be spread over a longer length of cable?

Peugeot 306 door multiplug - bell boy
Dai O if its like a 106 you pull the rubber out of the b post and the connector is there,your problem is more likely to be lack of internal lubricant on the mechanisms though.I would pull the door cards off and give liberal dosings with a good oil like duck oil (not wd mind )
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - Dai O
Okay i found the multi plug but everything looked good :o(

Anyone got any ideas where to look next, am i looking at a new locking unit for the door?
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - Dai O
Thanks for the tip "oldman" but how do i get access to the Central Locking unit, i have taken the door cover off and was faced the some foam which i have carefully peeled back, i cannot see the lock unit and I can only presume it is upper right on the door, but this is behind a solid area of the door????

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the multi plug, from this i can at least track the signal to the locking unit, once i gain access to the unit

Cheers for your time again guys

Dai O
Peugeot 306 door multiplug - bell boy
i dont know i couldnt get the window glass out of the rear door on the 106.
its as if the mechanism is fitted and then the two halves of the door skin are put together
try the oil technique if you can squirt some on all the jingly bits....

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