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Just wanting some advice. My car (VW passat) was taken in for its 50,000 mile service at a garage somewhere in Scotland a week ago Monday. They said it needed its radiator replaced, which was done on the Friday. The next day, it broke down and we had to have it towed back to the garage. On Monday last week when they opened they had a look over the car but needed some more time to give us an idea of what was wrong. They phoned us up at the end of last week saying that the water pump has seized causing the turning belt to break and the cylinder heads to malfunction - bill for repair: almost £2000

Now, I am very unhappy about this espically as the car was fine prior to service and for this to happen when it had just been in the garage the day before for the radiator replacement. The garage are accepting no responsibility. I contacted the SMTA (scottish motor tradings assoc) who say that there is a probable link with the work carried out and the faults now currently needing fixed. I just wanted to find out from you all if you think there is an association (and if so how do i show this in order to get the garage to pay for the costs) or has this happened by coincidence.

Your help is much appreciated

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HELP! - Problems with VW Passat - Peter D
Assuming the water sytem was filled properly and the header tank was full then it sounds like a coincidence but an expensive one. Ensure they show you the seized water pump to be sure that was the cause. Regards Peter
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That's quite some co-incidence. It is possible that the cooling system was not probably bled of air and so the pump could have been running in air or 'foam' - leading to it siezing. Siezed pumps are quite rare. Unfortunately it will be difficult to prove what actually took place.
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HELP! - Problems with VW Passat - hkt7383
thanks for the advice - as to the reply stating that the 'cooling system was not probably bled of air' - is there any way to prove this?


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