Optimax is History! - Marc4Six
Shell launches V-Power 99 RON unleaded fuel.

Looks like Shell are replacing optimax.

Optimax is History! - BazzaBear {P}
I assume it's exactly the same thing. Has been called V-power on the continent for years.
Optimax is History! - mikeyb
I think optimax is 97 RON whaeras it look slike V Power is 99
Optimax is History! - Hamsafar
I remember reading on the Shell Website that a lady who used to answer questions said it was 98.6 Octane on average, and 98% minimum. As for FMT, that sounds like the biggest load of old cobblers, sounds like something you buy on ebay from a listing done exclusively in CAPITALS.
Optimax is History! - bell boy
Ashok.................hahahahah ..........nive one.........
Optimax is History! - bell boy
Optimax is History! - jacks
Presumably this "new" fuel wil come at a price, Optimax is a 6p premium over their standard unleaded.

I'm going to predict now that V-power will be 8-10p more than std. unleaded.

It's worth noting that in the UK all the premium fuels like Opimax, BP Ultimate, etc. come at a hefty premium over regular unleaded but in mainland Europe most fuel companies offer a Super Unleaded - with a higher 98 octane - and this is usually only a couple of eurocents more than std. unleaded.

Optimax is History! - SjB {P}
I assume it's exactly the same thing. Has been called V-power
on the continent for years.

Indeed so, though often 95 RON
Optimax is History! - stevied
Who is this RON? I am assuming he's a nonagenarian?

Excuse my ramblings. Work project plus French wine = easily amused.

A motoring aside: what happens if you run a car such as an Audi RS4 (where they specify Super Unleaded) on normal Unleaded?
Optimax is History! - bell boy
it will probably pink like hell mate and so you rev it more to get it to respond but all it does then is put the rev limiter in and you are beaten by a machine................
Optimax is History! - stevied
Yes, I thought so. A friend of mine is getting an S4, not an S4 but the same petrol advice, and says he thinks the advice is "nonsense", I said there is bound to be a good reason why it is given!

Like he can't afford the super unleaded if he can afford an S4.....
Optimax is History! - cheddar
Surely only a change of brand, marketing, unifying the brand across Europe.
Optimax is History! - smokie
Across the world, not just Europe. Also IIRC the winning Audi at Le Mans this year was "V-Power"ed, and it was a diesel.
Optimax is History! - Red Baron
What does the 'V' stand for?
Optimax is History! - Murphy The Cat
What does the 'V' stand for?

Very much more expensive than regular fuel..

Optimax is History! - mss1tw
What does the 'V' stand for?

My response to Shell if they think I'll be buying that! Bike runs better on 95, anyway. :-S
Optimax is History! - Round The Bend
Will be interesting to see what price it sells at .......... I've been using Optimax on and off recently and found it to be cheaper per mile than standard unleaded. Will report back soon on my findingd.
Optimax is History! - Round The Bend
FAQ: tinyurl.com/zr4yp
Optimax is History! - daveyjp
Optimax is just a modern version of 5 star petrol. In the good old days when 2,3,4 and 5 star was available choosing the correct one did matter. Nowadays using different RON will be compensated for by the ECU. smarts are recommended to use high RON petrol, we used a mixture for years and never noticed any difference.
Optimax is History! - cheddar
Optimax is just a modern version of 5 star petrol.

At risk of being a pedant perhaps 4 star, IIRC 5 star was 101 RON, 4 star around 98 and 3 star around 95.
Optimax is History! - Hamsafar
It also uses covalently-bonded hydrogen atoms as used to power NASA's space shuttle.
Optimax is History! - jacks
From the Shell V-Power website Q & A:

"Q Is Shell V-Power really different or have you just changed the name?

A Yes, Shell V-Power really is different! In developing Shell V-Power we have built on the highly successful performance platform achieved with Shell Optimax and developed a fuel to help give drivers an even better driving experience. "

Marketing speak for a price increase......................
Optimax is History! - Hamsafar
I have to agree, what marketting tosh, really dumbed down and hyped up at the same time...

So, will all cars benefit from Shell V-Power?

Although all cars perform differently most cars are likely to suffer from the adverse effect of harmful deposits to some extent. Shell V-Power is designed to help clean these away. The improvements in responsiveness you can get will vary depending upon your particular car.

It takes a big man to just say, "No, sorry".
Optimax is History! - cheddar
As I have said before on here I had a V6 Vectra that did 10% more MPG on Optimax so was cheaper to run on it at the time.
Optimax is History! - Statistical outlier
I noticed no difference in my Xsara VTR, well, possibly smoother, but the placebo effect is strong!

Ultimate diesel gives a measurable 3 mpg difference in my Accord, so there may be something to it. Saying that, I now routinely just use Shell Extra diesel, as it's easily available and cheaper. I've not done the brim to brim to compare it to the standard or ultimate, I've decided that life's too short!
Optimax is History! - Grease_monkey
I've been using shell diesel extra ever since i brought my golf i gathered that i will never need to buy a bottle of injector cleaner again as the shell fuel is mean't to keep the fuel system clean and it's a higher cetane number too which must be good? Musn't it?
Optimax is History! - oldgit
I'm using, almost exclusively Optimax in my 1.6litre FSI Golf and have averaged, over the 20 months of ownership, exactly 42mpg and on my last tankful I averaged 46mpg (indicated by the onboard computer) and a calc. figure of 45.4mpg, from my Excel spreadsheet, based on brim to brim fill ups - how boring can one get?

The only trouble is that when I filled up this Tuesday the price per litre was 102.9p but since then I've seen several Shell garages where their prices have now been reduced, for how long, I don't know.
Optimax is History! - component part
The only trouble is that you've never used regular unleaded, so you don't know what performance and economy are like on it-you could have wasting cash all these last 20 months.
Optimax is History! - patpending
Thanks DD. Must remember the difference between forum search and site search. So where is forum search?

I noticed with some surprise that the Turkish Grand Prix was sponsored by Shell V-Power.

V-Power has been going for several years in Germany where it is advertised as 100 Octane.

When I got to my local Shell station all the Optimax pumps were marked V-Power! Can't imagine all the petrol had magically changed, though!

At least this will silence the discussions on whether Optimax is worth it, if you can't get it any more...

Actually, Shell does not market one brand across Europe, surprisingly enough. Earlier this year, it was V-Power in Germany, Optimax in the UK, but Shell 98 in France...not necessarily all the same petrol...

I have always had excellent results from Shell V-Power - it seems to suit cruising at say 110mph where legal...
Optimax is History! - Dynamic Dave
So where is forum search?

Just under where you log in/out.

or use this link:- www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/search.htm

Optimax is History! - patpending
:doh: just found it as you pointed out!

sorry! and thanks for all the help!
Optimax is History! - oldgit
The only trouble is that you've never used regular unleaded, so
you don't know what performance and economy are like on it-you
could have wasting cash all these last 20 months.

True, but then I could have had 20 months of increased fuel consumption and rougher running. At the time of purchase and as indicated on the fuel cap flap, it was recommended that the engine in question should run on 97/98 RON petrol and so that is what I have done, except for one occasion when I did fill up with regular petrol and then I thought or imagined it didn't sound quite so smooth.
Anyway my petrol expenditure per annum is not something, with my annual mileage, that concerns me. I don't drink or smoke and so I spend my money, perhaps foolishly, on 'super' petrol.
Shell V-Power - Falkirk Bairn
Shell V-Power (replaces Optimax) was 9p per litre more expensive than Unleaded at a local Shell station.

99.9p as against 90.9p

The V in the logo is very suitable given the 9p difference.

Shell V-Power - turbo11
my local its 6p/litre more .98.9p against 92.9p for standard unleaded.

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