Peugeot Partner Van advice - leeroy3636
I am a total newbie to this site, so please be nice !
Also I know nothing about cars or vans, apart from driving them.
I have just bought a used Partner Van its a V reg (old shape).
I need to get a spare key, the central locking/alarm type, Peugeot have quoted £138 plus £45 to programme it, this cost is a bit steep.
Can I get one somewhere else ?
The N/S door seal has come away from the top door recess, it appears to be ok, can I glue it back ? If so what adhesive ?
Does anyone know where I can get the van boarded out in the Gravesend / Medway area ?
Peugeot Partner Van advice - stuartl
Hi Leeroy, welcome to the madhouse! I used to have the same van and it was a good one. I would imagine the key is a main dealer only item. Try ebay for the boarding out kits, they are good and very easy to fit.
Peugeot Partner Van advice - jc2
Evo-stik or similar for the seal.
Peugeot Partner Van advice - leeroy3636
Thanks for the advice - Looks like I'll do with the one key then !
I've got some evo stick, didn't know if I needed some sort of specialist glue.
Peugeot Partner Van advice - bignick
Peugeot Partner = Citroen Berlingo - may be worth getting the key no from Peugeot and seeing if a Citroen dealer is any cheaper.
Also some of the independent locksmiths can provide and code replacement keys.

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