Retro fit 'auto hold' on Passat estate? - Gordon A
Does anyone know if it's possible to retro fit the auto hold function on a manual Passat estate? It's listed as a £35 option so it can't be that involved! There's a button near the gearstick but just wondering whether it's one of those things that could be done or else something that would need to be added when the car's built.
Retro fit 'auto hold' on Passat estate? - robert
I dont know the answer to your specific question. But would ask if you have ever driven a car with this facility? I have - a Passat and have to say that I hated it. Dont get me wrong - it works, but seems to operate in a very agressive manner which (especially on a steep hil & doing a hill start) just dosn't feel "good". By that I mean that you really have to rev the engine & place the braking system/transmission system under a lot of strain before it comes off. I can do a much smoother job muself.

Hope this helps .........

Retro fit 'auto hold' on Passat estate? - ablandy
is this on the new model estate? I think i read somewhere that this is software controlled. Im sure they can flash an upgrade on for a small fee.......................
Retro fit 'auto hold' on Passat estate? - Gordon A
The one I took out on a test drive had it on and it saved reaching for the button on the dash whenever there was a slight incline. Didn't actually try it on more demanding inclines but can see what you're saying and how it could take some 'force' to get it to release!! Picking up an estate tomorrow (manual, without auto hold as far as I know) so will reserve judgement on whether it's a gimmick or not when I've got used to not having a standard handbrake lever!! Knowing VW, though, what's a £35 option at build on a new vehicle will end up something silly like £200 at a dealers as a retro job!!

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