Holiday observations - johnny
Observations from France just in case anyone is interested ;-)

1. The road surfaces are atrocious out of Dunkirk, which is the most depressing entry into France I have seen. Can recommend Norfolk Line, though. The Kids like Buffalo Grill.

2. The front and rear number plates never match on Dutch vehicles pulling caravans. Are we British in the minority here ?

3. If you wonder where all the Petrol stations have gone, you'll find them on the roads leading from Switzerland into France.

4. I have only ever seen two Renault Megane Estates - did they just not make many ?

5. er thats it, although I did see a Studebaker in Nyon

no.. I thought not.
Holiday observations - Armitage Shanks {p}
I am not quite sure what you mean about caravan number plates. On the continent a car will have two number plates, back and front obviously, and the caravan one will be different as it is registered as a separate vehicle. See my rant on registering them like that in UK and charging them money for being on the road!
Holiday observations - stevied
Blimey. Your Norfolk Line must have been a different ferry to mine, I drove from the docks at Dover a couple of weeks ago into....... 1982.

Cheap though.

Dunkerque is THE singular most horrible entrance into France. Add to that the unpleasant experience with a Belgian man at Jabbeke services who obviously thought I was not there to sleep, but there for his "entertainment", and you'll understand why I didn't cheer up until I got to Cologne.

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