Wheel Alignment - scruffythedog118
I am considering having the wheel Alignment done / Tracking - I need to replace the Drivers side front tyre soon due to wear (not uneven) as lower than the passenger front side..... But as a rule I always change in pairs anyway.

Is it best to have it done with the old tyres still in place then have new ones fitted or have new tyres fitted then have the tracking done ??

Wheel Alignment - Pete M
It is probably a waste of time aligning the wheels with worn tyres fitted. Get the new tyres on, then get the alignment checked. Check that the state of suspension components such as ball joints and bushes is not affecting the wear rate or wear pattern of the tyres.
Wheel Alignment - Honestjohn

See if www.alignmycar.co.uk has an operator near you and ask for a "4 way laser alignment", as Pete M says, after the new tyres are fitted.

Wheel Alignment - Number_Cruncher
It matters not a jot whether you do it before or after new tyres are fitted, because wheel alignment is done using the rims as datum points - the tyres are largely irrelevant.

Wheel Alignment - tr7v8
It won't make any difference however if they've jacked the front of the car up then you need to move the car to settle the front suspension after tyre fitting & before any alignment is done.

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