mercedes A-Class clutches and gearboxes - innocenti66
have just bought a 2003 mercedes a210 evolution with 13k on the clock and have since heard that the gearboxes and clutches are prone to going at 50k..............................any truth in this ?
if so is it the whole a class range or just certain models or years ?
mercedes A-Class clutches and gearboxes - Trochie
Hi innocenti66,
This Sunday just gone, I only managed to drive to the end of my road when the car decided to not change out of 1st gear. The car was picked up by MobiloLife (Mercedes 24hr breakdown) on Monday at 07:30hrs. On Monday afternoon, Mercedes Benz Colindale phoned to tell me that it would cost £210 to diagnose the fault. On Wednesday they phoned to say that it was the automatic control gizmo and that to replace it is £1300 + labour + VAT. They have for the interim reset the device and have made no promises as to how long it will be before it goes again; "a couple of miles, a couple of weeks, a few years maybe never" is their exact phrase.
On the plus side, having had the car break down twice before for bolts shearing that hold the engine to the gearbox, MB UK have offered to stump up half of the repair bill but not the diagnosis bill.
Having trawled around the internet, I have found that there is a common theme to A and now B class diesel autos, they break down with an electrical fault on the auto gearbox gizmo.
The car is still at the dealer as I am still in conversation with MB UK.

FYI, the car is a late 2002 A class diesel auto with 32k miles on the clock.
mercedes A-Class clutches and gearboxes - Capn Grumpy
Trochie, having just added an 02 plated diesel auto LWB 170 CDI to the family car pool - 38k - this posting has nullified any reason for a laxative!!
Any idea what speeds/revs it should change up, as it seems that (under lightish acceleration) it hangs on to first rather longer than I am comfortable with. Seems better in Winter mode. Could this be a harbinger of something more sinister? Oh, I hope not!! Any suggestions?

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