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VW G12 coolant replacement - L.Cleaver1
This stuff is expensive at £7ish for 1.5 litres.

Is there any substitute that can be reliably used, bearing in mind the specific VW anti-corrosive requirements?

As a thought - does anyone know what coolant is used in the Ford Galaxy diesel engine as I think this is a VW PD unit.

Any help appreciated.

VW G12 coolant replacement - Aprilia
You have to stick with the G!2 spec. ECF or GSF should sell an equivalent at lower price.
VW G12 coolant replacement - Hamsafar
I agree I just bought 3 and had to get another too, £28 for DIY coolant change!!!! :o
it is G12+ now though, lilac instead of pink/red. It says it can be mixed with G11/G12.
It is supposed to be lifetime fill so should last 4 years or so.
I only replaced the coolant as some dumb 'garage' added blue antifreeze making it go brown.
VW G12 coolant replacement - bell boy
as already said keep to rec spec on this make or everything goes to a gloop,its got this special mix for a reason remember OP............ ; )
VW G12 coolant replacement - L.Cleaver1
I got an independent VW specialist to flush the system and replace with G12+ - at £20 all-in as part of a 10,000 mile service, not a bad price considering how much fluid mus get used.
VW G12 coolant replacement - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
GSF sell the genuine VW/Audi/Skoda stuff at a lower price. A colleague got me a litre of G12 concentrate for a few quid.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
VW G12 coolant replacement - Hamsafar
Do VW offer a trade discount like Vauxhall do?
I miss getting this like this for peanuts.

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