cold air filters - mk3 golf - adam f
my mk3 golf has neither aircon or sunroof and i wondered if there was some kind of cold air filter i could get that would hopefully give me a nice cold breeze through the heater controls.
and just out of interest is it possible to have air con fitted and at what cost
cold air filters - Xileno {P}
Don't think anything exists. You can get those rotating fans that stick to the dashboard but they're about as much use as flu IMO.

It's nearly always possible to have aircon retro fitted but the cost is invariably high. You would be better off trading the car in for one that had it fitted at the factory.
cold air filters - George Porge
Check that the pollen filter is clean. Try running without the filter and see if the performance of the blower is better. Retro fit aircon would be pricey
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