1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - dodo
I am about to buy a car to teach my 17 year old daughter to drive in. Her mum has happy memories of learning in a Toyota Starlet 20 years ago. Our neighbour is selling her immaculate 1999 5 door 1300 with 79,000 miles for £1500. We've had a drive and whilst I wouldn't rate it against more modern stuff, its quiet and likely to be reliable. Is there anything I should be looking for (it has FSH)? Is it too dear? Thanks.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - Altea Ego
mileage is a bit high, but thats a good price.
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1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - bell boy
its a group 5 insurance so bare this in mind
personally i think its overpriced for what i conceive as a high mileage micra with a different badge, i would offer an autotrader private price of £1295 or walk.....
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - Sprice
Nice cars these, sold one a while back, a 1996 1.3 CD. Nippy, but handling not very good, and not all of them have PAS, so check this out. I sold mine for £1250 (I'd given £1000 a few weeks before) in 2004, so I'd offer £1350 for the one you're interested in.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - Pugugly {P}
Well, bearing in mind the discussion about BMW 5 series below, I would suggest it's worth the extra couple of hundred quid over something in Autotrader with a shady past.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - Aprilia
They are sound little motors - only snag might be the insurance, so I would check that out first.
You could haggle on price a bit, but if the car is 'known' to you then I'd probably buy it if I were you. You could spend £100 looking for something cheaper and waste a fair bit of time into the bargain.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - dodo
The car did most of its mileage early in its life by a district nurse. The current owner has had it for 5 years with absolutely no problems. I have checked out insurance and its ok. The car has alloys and central locking too. I just wish it was 49000 miles not 79000! Would a Micra be a better buy?
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - AlastairW
District nurse = stop start short trips. Never a good thing. How do i know? My mum was a distict nurse, and went through an exhaust evry 18 months or so as a result.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - Aprilia
Parts and possibly insurance will be cheaper on the Micra - but if its a known good car then I'd go for the Toyota.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - local yokel
Suggest you check the insurance quote for the Starlet against a Gp 1, as there could be a substantial difference. www.confused.com should be your fastest way of doing so. Will you be insuring in duaghetr's or mother's name? Some ins.cos. now offering NCD accrual for named drivers.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - MW
Not sure if the Toyota has a cam belt. The Micra doesn't and at this price a couple of hundred pounds for a new belt might influence things.
I agree group 1 insurance v group 5 might surprise you.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - dodo
Ended up with a privately sold 2000 Micra Celebration with 27,000 miles. PAS sunroof and I'll buy her a cd at Halfords. Cost? In nice silver metallic £1675. We are delighted with it and yes insurance is a lot cheaper (over £250). Thanks everyone.
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - bell boy
good man far superior....................

get the oil and filter done unless you know for definate its been done lately...
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - MW
That looks a very good deal. In 2 years, I am considering one of these for my daughter. What's your experience so far?
1999 Toyota Starlet 1.3 - dodo
So far its fine. Nice easy clutch and quite smooth to drive. I also notice that people let you out at junctions! Not very nippy and to be honest our old Fiesta would run rings around it handling wise but it seems well built and in silver it looks quite smart. The dealer still has the Toyota and has just put a set of garish alloys onto it. Boyracerville?

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