VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - kams
Help please,

The rear passenger off side will not open. It has been fine til now. Went to open the rear door and nothing happens. The central locking seems to be workiing properly and the the handle is fine. Feels like mechanically some has broken. Can I do anything about it.
*** Thanks ***
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - Saltrampen
Other than trying to get WD40 into it (will the straw fit in the gap?) and keep trying the central locking, Other options are to go inside the car and take the inside door panel off to get at the linking rods and giving them a Tug.

Possibly winding the window down and squirting lots of WD40 in the gap between the window and door (IF your rear windows go right down) may also free something up - but it is a bit hit and miss. You will then have to clean off all the excess WD40.

To take the door panel off, you may need a Haynes manual to explain how to take off any manual window winders / arms / trim etc without damaging them.

Check that you can hear the central locking motor in this door - many systems (if not all?) use a motor or soleniod in each door to pull the lock.

On older cars non stainless parts (rods or metal washers) can corrode and break meaning no mechanical connection from the locks to the latch ..again the only answer is to get the inner door panel off. (are the Rubber seals around the window ok?)

I presume you have tried raising the inner lock and and outside handle several times and have lubricated them as well?

I expect a dealer or garage can solve this but I'll be surprised
if they can do it in under an hour...but try WD40 first

Hope you sort it out
S (I've replaced locking mechanisms twice on front doors, so I have some limited experience)
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - kams
Thanks S,
I'll give that a go. Hopefully I can get it open. Rear windows don't go fully down. Someone said it was beacuse of the child lock but I think he hasn't got a clue.
Thanks for your advise
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - DP
Just hope it's not like the Mondeo which has some of its inner door panel securing screws along the bottom of the door and one by the lock mechanism. The door needs to be open to access them.
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - Ian J
Hello Kams
The same thing happened to my wife's Golf. Everything seemed to be working but the door simply wouldnt open. The central locking was happily whirring away but the door woudnt open from either inside or out.
Re why - the only reason we could come up with was that she had attempted to open the rear door to put shopping in the back before the central locking system had completed working.
She is now under strict instructions to wait a few seconds for the central locking to operate before opening the doors. Whether or not this was the cause it hasnt reoccurred since she followed this practice which only requires a few seconds patience.
I tried a number of sources including VW without success.
The good news is that I fixed it - by spraying WD40 into the lock and by holding the handle of the offending door open while setting and unsetting the central locking. I also applied gentle pulling pressure on the door handle while doing the former.
The door eventually opened.
I may have done this several times leaving the WD40 to penetrate and then repeating the same operation - it is difficult to remember since it was some time ago.
I must admit that I thought that it was bizarre

Kind Regards
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - Ian J
Hello Kams

Any progress with the door
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - tt
The door handle operates the release mechanism via a cable with a toothed end connector. This connector is pushed into a toothed connector in the handle and appears to be held in place by the cable tension. It is likely that these connectors have separated.
To rectify this you need to open the door, I opened mine using the release on the inside of the door. Now you need to remove the trim/cover that is an extension of the external handle.
To do this carefully move the door seal in the area adjacent to the handle.
This will expose an access hole, inside you will see a screw. This needs either a star driver or an allen key driver with about 150mm shaft, I can?t remember which.
Carefully undo. It needs quite a few turns but take your time and keep checking to see if the cover can be removed, if you undo it too much it releases another piece of the mechanism as well as the cover which drops into the door void.
When the cover has been removed you will see the cable end. You to hold somehow ? perhaps long nosed pliers ? to pull it to tension it slightly ? not too much ? and then push two connectors together. You can try the handle but you must hold the connectors together to stop them parting. Now carefully replace cover and retighten the screw. Replace the door seal. Hopefully the handle now works. A word of advice ? when opening the doors place two fingers in the handle at the cover plate end and gently pull. Most people including myself tend to use the whole hand to pull the handle outwards instead of pulling just one side of the handle.

If you had the child lock on when this happened you are in trouble because you can't open the door from the inside.
VW Golf mark IV rear door locks - AR-CoolC
TT is sort of there.

Folow his instructions to remove the outer handle cover. It's a T25 torx screwdriver you'll need.

If you have opended the door with a really hard quick pull, you may have sent the lock mechanism over its opening piont. If this happens then it won't open until its back to its normal position.

Once the cover is removed, release the plastic cable grip from the handle very carefully, and move it inward 1 notch.

Try to open the door it should now work.

The cable should have a very small amount of slack in it at its rest position.


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