Nissan Skyline - Big Bad Dave
An editor at the magazine I work for asked me this question for an article he is writing.

How much would I have to pay for a brand new top of the range Nissan Skyline in the UK. Would it have to be imported? Any other information?

I didn?t even know they still made them.

Cheers, Dave
Nissan Skyline - mare

Car by car breakdown has them stopping at 2002. The R34 definitely was sold through the main dealers and possibly the R33 was.

The new GTR is not a Skyline and was featured in Top Gear mag at least and i daresay other mags a couple of months ago. It's not a Skyline because it's no longer a coupe version of the saloon. But it's not out yet either.


You can't buy a brand new Skyline.

a quick search on Auto Trader gives these cars:

I want one! Just doesn't fit on my drive (and other excuses...)
Nissan Skyline - Big Bad Dave
Cheers for that Mare, I have told them and taken all the credit.

Nice one.
Nissan Skyline - Group B .

Looks like these people will get you a new shape Skyline coupe as a grey import. But as mare says its not the GTR, and whats the point of a Skyline in the UK if its not a GTR?

If I won a few quid I'd buy an R-32 GTR with a nicely elevated power output.
Nissan Skyline - trancer
The new shape skyline is basically a tarted up 350Z. They are sold in the US as an Infinity G35. I can't imagine a Nissan badged Skyline and 350Z in the same market competing for the same customers. The Skyline/G35 is a 2+2 (just) and the 350Z is a 2 seater, but even so the two cars are too similar for it to be worth Nissan's time and effort.
Nissan Skyline - MichaelR
I can't imagine a Nissan badged Skyline and 350Z in the
same market competing for the same customers.

Japan - Both the Nissan Fairlady Z (Their name for the 350Z) and the Nissan Skyline Coupe and saloons are sold side by side.
Nissan Skyline - Andy P
The new Skyline may share some similarities with the G35/350Z, but the results will be quite different.

First, the new Skyline will have 4 wheel drive (instead of RWD) and probably a twin-turbo V6, expected to produce in excess of 400bhp. I'd hardly put that in the same class as the 350Z.
Nissan Skyline - trancer
The new Skyline is already out and it doesn't have 4WD or twin turbos. You may be confusing the GTR or V-spec model with the garden variety Skyline.

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