Coolant and brake fluid questions? - cheddar
Planning at some point to change the coolant and brake fluid on the Mondeo, Clio and Kawasaki ZRX, a few questions:

1/ According to Haynes Ford original fit coolant is OK "for the life of the car", I have had it from new so I know it has not been changed for an inferior type or diluted, any thoughts?

2/ Renault and Kawasaki conveniently both specify ethylene-glycol based coolant with corrosion inhibitors suitable for steel/alluminium, what is the best coolant? Halfords own?

3/ The Mondeo requires brake fluid to Ford spec ESD-M6C57-A, Haynes also say Super DOT 4, will any Super DOT 4 fluid meet this Ford standard?

4/ Haynes state DOT 4 for the Clio, I assume I can use Super DOT 4?

Many thanks.
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - cheddar
Perhaps I should have posted this in "Technical" !

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Coolant and brake fluid questions? - Pugugly {P}
1. BMW recommend a 4 year change cycle. Apart from suspecting that it's a money spinner, I go with them on the basis that there must be a reason why they do this. Personally I would change the coolant.

2. That's what I would do.

3. Me ? I would go for the maker's own fluid for no reason other than that's what they recommend (they would wouldn't they) and the cost difference isn't likely to be much.

4. D/K
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - Vansboy
If you Google Triguard antifreeze, you'll find that this is the 'best' stuff these days.

Coolant and brake fluid questions? - kithmo
As for the Ford questions:
1/ "life of the car" means 10 years for the ford fluid and it will last that long if never disturbed and only topped up (if necessary) with the same stuff and/or deionised water.
3/ The Ford ESD-M6C57-A brake fluid says "Super DOT 4" on the container and any super DOT 4 can be used.
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - cheddar
Thanks guys, so can I use super DOT 4 or Ford spec in the Renault that specifies DOT 4?

How about Comma coolants?
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - MW
Commer coolants are fine as is Halfords top of the range red antifreeze with a 5 year life. It's about £15 for 5 litres. I recently bought a litre of Commer dot 4 brake fluid in Wilkinsons at £2.29 for a 500cc bottle. Great stuff.
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - David Horn
Why not test the brake fluid with a hydrogomomomomometer thing first and see if it actually needs changing? Save yourself a bit of cash. :)
Coolant and brake fluid questions? - Roger Jones
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