Motor oil - khizman
Where is the cheapest place to get motor oil, I need 5W30.

I live in worksop, notts btw. Halfords seem to be 30 quid ish, the filter for my car (mondeo tdci) also seems to be 8 quid from the dealers. Anyone know anywhere cheaper?
Motor oil - adam f
go to a NATIONAL garage if there is one near you. they do an oil and filter change for about £18 and use duckams oil which is pretty good and saves you the time and hassle of doing it yourself and disposeing of the old oil
Motor oil - Hamsafar
Vauxhall dealer, 4 x 5l for £44.
You have to ask for the special shop oil deal.
Motor oil - khizman
that's all well and good.
but I want to learn how to do it myself.
Motor oil - blue_haddock
It's all well and good wanting to do it yourself but when it will cost you more and be a lot more hassle then why bother?

You will need a proper jack and some axle stands along with a suitable container for catching the used oil plus the assotment of tools required to remove covers, sump plug and filter. If you don't have these then i definately wouldn't bother.
Motor oil - henry k
You also need a replacement sump plug.

And somewhere to store all the bits and somewhere to correctly dispose of the old oil and maybe something to clean up the drive and some dry warm weather (also for the next change) and and....

Do not get me wrong. I have always done my own oil changes so I have all the kit and a variety of oil filter tools but I certainly have found it messy in the past due to the filter access and trying to stop its contents pouring over various nearby items.

I am due to try the first oil change on my Mondeo so I hope the access is reasonable.

Motor oil - Stuartli
I also use National as adam f suggests - it's actually cheaper than buying the oil and filter yourself and you don't have the problem of disposing of the used oil and filter afterwards.

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Motor oil - Manatee
Is 5W-40 also in spec for this car? It's £24 for 4l of Mobil 1 at Costco IIRC.

How accessible is the filter? If you can get at that easily from the top you might consider a Pela extractor then you can dispense with jacks, stands, sump plugs and oil catchers.
Motor oil - Roger Jones
5W-30 -- a Ford car? Ford's own brand will probably be cheaper than Halfords. I go to Halfords only when their special offers are running.

Apart from the sensible suggestions made above, a large-scale (or perhaps back-street) motor factor may be the cheapest source. Then there's Kwik-Fit, with their fixed-price deal, no matter what the quantity. I don't know what the numbers are on their semi-synth (recommended by Ford, I believe), which will be Mobil.

You may find this helpful:
Motor oil - jc2
Try your Ford dealer-most dealers sell Formula E 5w/30 semi synthetic which is the recommended oil for your motor for about £10-12 for 5 litre.Beware some of these all-in quick oil change deals.If they vacuum it out up the dipstick pipe it will leave a lot of muck in the bottom of the sump.
Motor oil - Roger Jones
Practice may vary from branch to branch, but my local Kwik-Fit guys drain the oil in the traditional way through the sump outlet.
Motor oil - trigger_mike
Have you tried your local motor factors? often a lot cheaper then halfords and dealers plus the parts of still o.e.
Motor oil - smoke
I paid 15 pounds at Asda for 5 l of Texaco Havoline 5w30 semi-synth (allegedly the same stuff rebottled as Ford Formula E). The filter was from Ford (to maintain warranty, and also because I feel it is best to use genuine parts, and it was only 4.50 from local dealer).
If you go down the National quick fit etc route, then unless they use the correct filter you may affect your warranty.
Motor oil - Roger Jones
Good point. Two suggestions:

* Ask them if you can supply the filter. They may be reluctant, but suggest to them that they put "customer's own filter" on the invoice. That's what I did with Kwik-Fit. I think their reluctance is more to do with corporate liability than losing money, and of course they will have been told not to do anything out of line. So speak to the manager.

* Alternatively, ask them for a written assurance that their own filter will have no effect on your car's warranty.
Motor oil - jc2
Certainly in the past(and probably still is)Ford oil was refined by Texaco.
Motor oil - khizman
the filter and sump both seem accessible from the bottom.

ford want £5 a litre for the oil, which seems to me to be expensive.
How do you find a motor factor?
I live in worksop, notts.
Motor oil - jc2
At my Ford dealer it's about £10/5 litres.(Essex).
Motor oil - DavidHM
Search Yellow Pages for motor factors located in Worksop.

As for the oil and filter - Ford won't just sell 5 × 1l bottles of oil (or they shouldn't) - they should also sell you 1 5l bottle.

Otherwise, if your Ford dealer is unhelpful and/or the motor factor is uncompetitive, I'd go down the Ford filter from the dealer plus Asda oil route.

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