tom tom again - Brad
After weeks of research I've realised that the 710 hasn't made it to the UK yet. Is it worth waiting or should I get a 700. what's the big difference.
tom tom again - Altea Ego
there seems to be a problem with all the new tomtom's. Shipping was promised and very few have come over.

Yes its worth the wait main for the clearer screen and the sirfstar3 chipset ( i have that chipset in my bluetooth GPS. Cold and warm start times are vastly improved and reception is much better)
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tom tom again - rhino
what's the big difference.>>

A slightly bigger screen, as far as I can see. I'd wait a while for 700 prices to dip as folk rush for the new kid on the block.
tom tom again - runboy
Strange the 710 is not available, when the 510 and 910 are. In fact my 510 mentions it is a 710 in a number of places-the difference between 510 and 710 is the maps provided-the hardware is identical.
tom tom again - Brad
Halfords today had a sign outside saying - latest sat nav in store now - we fit it for you - free demo.

It's all lies. They had boxes labelled 510, 710 and 910 but they were all empty. I talked to a manager in the store and she said they have been told that 910 will not be available in the foreseeable future, they did get two 510 last week but sold them in 5 minutes and haven't even heard about availability of the 710.

Seems as if someone somewhere in Tom Tom inc have cocked up seriously with the co-ordination of the tv ad campaign and getting the product in the shops. I need mine in one week as I'm off on major european trip. I'll give them 3 days then a rival gets the business.
tom tom again - NowWheels
Had a similar palahver getting my TomTom ONE on friday. Could have ordered one on-line, but delivery was seven days, and I was prepared to pay the £15 extra to get it without the wait.

However, they were hard to find. My nearest Comet claimed to have them in stock, but none when I got there. (Though I found that out only was after waiting ten minutes for the disinterested staff to serve me).

Then begged them to check availability in other stores in the Dixons Group, and they found the only a very few of the several dozen stores within a 20-mile radius had any at all.

Just on the off-chance, I popped in to the next-door PC World, and the equally-disinterested staff had one, but only one. The box had alreday been opened, but I took it all the same.

Looking around online, even (who are offering them for £50 more than the Dixons Group) claim to be out of stock.

The ONE ois not exactly a new model (been out since before Xmas), so I wonder if TomTom is having wider problems keeping up with the demand for its products?
tom tom again - Pugugly {P}
Woolworth have 910s at 499.99 - there was one in the box as well.
tom tom again - rtj70
Not surprised Comet didn't want to check out stock in the Dixons Group stores - or even to be able to. The Dixons Group has nothing to do with Comet.

Comet were part of the Kingfisher empire but I think they were sold to Kesa.

tom tom again - rtj70
Oh for an edit button... Comet is not part of Dixons but PC World is. So Nowheels, if they had somehow been able to check stock at a rival group, they would have told you PC World next door had one in.
tom tom again - DavidHM
I suspect that she meant Currys.

PC World is on a separate stock location system from Currys and Dixons and so Currys staff could have checked both Currys and Dixons stores for miles around, but not the PC World next door (or vice versa.)
tom tom again - David Horn
It's worth waiting for the screen. Assuming it's similar technology that in the ONE, it's like looking at a piece of paper when the sun's on it, unlike the 700, which is like looking into a well.
tom tom again - rtj70
There's lot of other improvements to the 510, 710 and 910 apart from the (wide)screen. For a starter they can use a RDS/TMC traffic module for traffic updates - no more GPRS via mobile phone. Also SIRF Star III GPS and iPOD control.

Also, although it might not be obvious, the software if you're familiar with the smartphone and pda versions is probably now the equivalent of v6. Also maps likely to be newer too.

The previous products were out a year ago, so for maps alone the latest versions are worth it. And then there are the other improvements as mentioned and more... see
tom tom again - regedit
PC World is on a separate stock location system from Currys
and Dixons and so Currys staff could have checked both Currys
and Dixons stores for miles around, but not the PC World
next door (or vice versa.)

FYI Currys, 'Currys Digital'(Dixons) and PC World CAN check each others stock.
tom tom again - NowWheels
I suspect that she meant Currys.

Yes, it was Curry's. Those sheds all much of a muchness, but the Dizons group stores all seem to do much the same line in thoroughly alienated sales staff.
tom tom again - Dynamic Dave
Curry's, Dixon's, and PC World (to name but a few) all belong to the DSG group.
tom tom again - Altea Ego

and they all so so different!
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