Do you trust... - Vincent de Marco
... your navigation system ?
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I am the only Pole over here.
Do you trust... - Statistical outlier
To a degree, yes. Completely, no.
Do you trust... - Civic8
My brother broke down in London last week,So muggins had to go and rescue him from just before Tower bridge,turned out diff had siezed so could not move car.

He got into my car and smuggly said, he had a navigation system which he said would guide us back home without any problems.

I said, I know the way back to avoid traffic congestion,but he insisted on using it hand held.

actually got stuck in more jams than I would have done using my own knowledge of roads,so I wont be buying one.

And no I dont trust them,but most people that do use them really dont have a clue where they are going, so for them its got to be good (even if they do get stuck in jams on route;)
Do you trust... - Big Bad Dave
V de M, your village has one street, a church and a tree, how is it possible to get lost matey?

I can?t find anywhere that has mapped more than 17% of Poland (Tom Tom), so I?d be interested if are you using a navigation system and which one. I recently took a taxi in Warsaw that was using some system or other, it couldn?t seem find anything but the driver refused to give up and wouldn?t take directions from me.
Do you trust... - Zippy123
Got one and would not do without it...

But trust it no.

It does not take the most efficient routes, usually because it does not know them, but then neither do I.

I use it when I don't know the route somewhere and it saves on stress.

But when I am travelling somewhere I know, I find that it is not as efficient as local knowledge.
Do you trust... - Vincent de Marco
Take it easy, BBD - I asked that question out of pure curiosity. Indeed, you can't get lost out where the buses don't run, though I'm interested to know how accurate that thing might really be.
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I am the only Pole over here.
Do you trust... - Lud
, it couldn?t
seem find anything but the driver refused to give up and
wouldn?t take directions from me.

Just like a London black cab then BBD? They don't just refuse to give up and not take directions, they give you cheek as well.

And the useless pink fluffy dice haven't even got a machine - couldn't use one if they had - but simply base everything on an 1853 map of London which they have learned by heart over a 14-year period.

Not perfectly of course. But it wouldn't matter if they had because everything keeps changing.

I sometimes wonder if they're really worth their 50-odd grand a year. No, I take that back. I absolutely know that they are total carp in about 50 per cent of cases.
Do you trust... - smokie
I trust mine to get me to places, but more useful is thei ability to get me to precise locations. (I have SmartNav and occassionally TomTom 7)

I can map read and generally have good directional skills. But it is sooo easy not to have to think about it. I was in Belgium the other week for a motor race. TomTom got me from Boulogne to the track without any thought from me - then to the hotel, back to the track, then to a hotel in Leuven, all painlessly and completely accurately. In fact I was amazed that TomTom knew a road which ended up almost as a farm track which halved the hotel to track time.

Yes, I trust it.
Do you trust... - Avant
Normally yes, and justifiably: but it was badly caught out last week by a particularly stupid one-way system on the south side of the Clyde in Glasgow (I was trying to get to the Tulip Inn in Ballater St, for those of you who know Glasgow).

It could have changed in the 6 months that I've had my Tomtom - or does anyone else have Tomtoms that can't cope with illogical one-way streets?

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