BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - Matt
I currently have an Audi 80 V6 Cabriolet which I have loved but am keen to sell (see below if interested!) as I need something with a bit more poke.

I have never quite got rid of a childhood BMW bug and am very interested in an E36 M3 Convertible.

I would be extremely grateful for any thoughts/experiences/warnings you may have about these cars as well as any info on what to look out for, whether or not to have the VANOS eqipped EVO or the standard model and any general views you may have on the convertible version compared to the coupe.

I would definitely want a hardtop - are these easy to remove/replace? Are there any trim options which are a must-have?

Please feel free to post ANY comments at all.

Many thanks for any help!


Anyone interested in the Audi - 1994 M reg 150K, Brand new MOT and Tax, dark blue, leather, reconditioned roof, totally standard, based in London or near Salisbury.
BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - AlastairM
There are a number of BMW forums where information can be found. Try the following:
BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - No FM2R
>>Anyone interested in the Audi - 1994 M reg 150K

How much ?
BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - Bagpuss
I would go for the later 3.2l model. This not only has more power than the 3.0l (321 hp compared with 286), it also has a six-speed box and uprated brakes. I would also go for the coupe rather than the convertible as it handles better due to lower weight, less scuttle shake and firmer suspension.
BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - Matt
Thanks for the info - My Audi Cab is up for sale at £4,500 o.v.n.o. It has a new rear window (£280), 1 year-old full closure CAT1 Cobra alarm, brand new brakes front and rear, Kenwood CD with new Alpine speakers, airbag, new MOT/TAX, full leather etc. The roof is manual - less to go wrong - and extremely well-fitting and good condition.

The car is in good condition for its mileage (paintwork looks lovely), has absolutely NO rust, has never missed a beat (the V6 engines last forever) and is smooth, fast and refined.

I can send photos if required.



BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - No FM2R
>>I can send photos if required.

BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - richy
Matt, I looked into E36 M3's a few years ago (but ended up sinking the money into another house instead).

From what I was told the M32 engines didn't usualy put out all that much more power than the the earlier M29 engines, not really noticeable on the road. Also the M29 motors are a lot simpler to work on and less to go wrong in the first place.
Timing chains should be replaced @ 100k (used prices tend to reflect this).

Personaly with a car of this power I would chose the coupe over the convertible as the chassis flex, though good compared to some, is still noticable.
BMW E36 M3 Convertible? - Matt
Thanks Richy - a very helpful response.

I'm probably thinking of the non-Evo as it's cheaper to run and insure as well as to buy in the first place.

I know the coupe would handle better but I just love being able to get the roof off, especially if the hard-top is ok?



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