Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - beninstp
Wonder if anyone might be able to help.

I haven't really used my air con on my Primera (1997 2:0 petrol)for the last few months and now it doesn't work at all. When you press the switch the light comes on but there is no clunk from the engine/increase in revs. I checked the relay which didn't appear to be doing anything, and so with the air con switch pressed, bridged the terminals that it switches. This did produce a clunk, increase in revs and switched the air con cooling fan on, however, still no cold air.

I've done quite a lot of work over the last few months including changing the clutch and am wondering if I may have disturbed some electrical connections somewhere. I assume the relay is not switching in for a reason. Could it be simply empty of gas (which the system knows and hence does not switch the relay) or is there something else a miss? Any pointers on electrical connections to check or other advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - Aprilia
Probably low on gas and the dual pressure switch won't let it run.
Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - elekie&a/c doctor
Very much sounds like it is out of gas.Pressure switch will shut system down if there is insufficient refrigerant.Chances are the condenser rad for the a/c system has a leak.You will need to get the system pressure tested.
Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - beninstp
Thanks for your replies. I will most probably have to take it somewhere to be properly diagnosed, but is there any way of checking if it is low pressure before I do that? I gave both the high pressure and low pressure valves a very quick poke, and a healthy "psst" was heard from both! Also, I think I have found the pressure swtich (just behind top of driver's side suspension turret) - will bridging the terminals fool it into thinking the pressure is fine and switch on the system?


Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - Dave N
Jumping the pressure switch will do exactly the same as jumping the relay, which you've already done. No cold air wasproduced, so your system's empty, or just about empty. You probably need a new condenser.
Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - beninstp
Ok thanks Dave. I shall start saving up!
Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - dereckr
I had similar symptoms on my Xsara. It turned out to be a blocked pollen filter. It could be worth checking?

Nissan Primera air conditioning problems - Ben F
Just thought I would post the conclusion to this one.

I got the air conditioning refilled and was told that there was hardly any refrigerant left in it at all. The guy said that it had passed a vacuum test but that it could still have a leak. Sure enought it had stopped working the next day.

When they refill the air conditioning they also add a dye which shows up under UV light through special glasses. I took the car back and the leak could quite clearly be seen coming from a pipe which had been rubbing against the engine bay and worn through. The pipe was welded, the system refilled and it all works fine now. Total cost £47 x 2 for the refills and £30 to repair the pipe.

Many thanks for everyone's help.

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