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Last night I visited a friend with residents parking!!! I duly placed the visitors pass, with yesterdays date in the windscreen and a few bevvies later crashed out on their floor. When I left this morning at 9.50am (quite reasonable i thought) I had received a parking ticket (at 9.41am) for parking in a residents space. This parking ticket has 1 letter incorrect on the reg number but they do take photos in this area. I'm not very happy about this as very expensive hotel I thought & I didn't even get breakfast! Should I appeal on the grounds of being unreasonable, I did have a pass so was obviously welcome not just parked up and wandered off and chance them saying 'tough, pay up' or should I ignore it, with the incorrect reg number they can't trace the car to me but would they check through all the photos by which time the fine would have doubled because not paid within the 14 days. Is a parking ticket valid with incorrect information on it? Appreciate your thoughts on this.
Parking tickets-valid or not - Hugo {P}
Often it is worth a phone call to the issuing council.

You would be aurprised at how they will listen to a well reasoned arguement. Mention the incorrect reg number in passing.

it's possible that the issuer was having trouble meeting targets or didn't see the visitors pass on your car, if this counts. If they got the registration number wrong their mind was probably not fully on the job.

That would be my first port of call.

Remember, your primary objective is to legally avoid paying the fine, not to prove them wrong.

Parking tickets-valid or not - Altea Ego
9:41am Today is not Yesterday. You are bang to rights.

Fortunatley for you I suspect the incorrect reg makes the ticket invalid.
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Parking tickets-valid or not - Hamsafar
Fixed penalties are not legally enforeable, as was demonstrated recently in court, but people like to be subjects of nanny state so duly comply with the procedures.

What's more, one man has 80,000 worth of tickets and the authorities admit nothing can be done as he is wise to their ways.
Parking tickets-valid or not - Adam {P}
What's with the A?
Parking tickets-valid or not - Hamsafar

I pressed the wrong button before, and only recently realised I could change it!
Parking tickets-valid or not - Adam {P}
Parking tickets-valid or not - Dwight Van Driver
If the Visitors Pass was for only up to 2359 on 31st March and Attendant in habit of taking a pix then I would consider paying forthwith and before the Charge is increased. They will have enough to take you to County Court to recover the debt.


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