Power Steering / VWs - Marcus
Does anyone know whether I can have Power steering retro- fitted to a 1993 VW Golf Mk 3 - 1400 CL

Not because I have weak wrists you understand, but because I want to change it for a newer car, and can't sell it due to the lack of PAS.

Also does anyone have any experience of the new VW Bora TDI PD 115 ? seems to me like an absolutely cracking car, Excellent performance and economy, but I have heard of trouble with this particular engine and VW ceased production of it for a while to overcome this.


Re: Power Steering / VWs - Roger Jones
My Mk III Golf VR6 has power steering.
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Marcus
Yes Roger, many Golfs have power steering and they certainly need it, I am asking whether anyone has knowledge or experience of fitting power steering to a Golf after it has left the factory, What is involved and what the cost would be - come on readers !!!!!
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Chris Davenport
So THAT'S where the Viz character Roger Irrelevant got his name from...!
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Roger Jones
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I was only trying to indicate that Golfs are power steerable.
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Malcolm
Is a 93 polo realy that difficult to sell?, I'm a great believer in the fact that anything will sell if the price is right. Do you have to spend £1000 to shift it, this surely can not be cost-effective!.
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Marcus
Its a Golf 3 door basic model, Whenever I have offered it to a dealer as a trade in the most they will offer is £ 1500, because of the lack of power steering, its the first question they all ask !

Even though they have them of a similar age on their foreourts for £ 3000+

I wasnt bothered until I got a company car which does have power steering, and my wife won't drive it anymore now she's got used to the Peugeot 406. This is why I wanted to sell it, however if I could fit power steering we would keep it, it was a choice between the selling it for peanuts or keeping it. To replace it with a similar new model would cost £ 9000 therefore if I can fit PAS for less than £1000 we will keep it for a few more years and spend the money on something more exciting.

The moral of this story is to always go for the highest spec you can afford.
Re: Power Steering / VWs - Honest John
Power Steering Services of Greenwich can do it at a price. I seem to remember that not all VW 1.4 engine blocks were tapped to take the bracket for a PAS pump, but I could be wrong here. If the block is tapped to take the PAS pumm, lots of independent VW specialists will do the job for you suning second hand parts, Check through the good garage guide on this site for an independent VAG specialist such as Andy Jackson of Leek, Staffs in your area.Reckon to spend at least six hundred quid; possibly a grand.

Re: Power Steering / VWs - peter charnley
I reckon that a private sale would do the trick. Many buyers of older cars prefer one without the complication of power steering.

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