The Audi is 2.... - Avant
....this coming week.

It's an Avant 2.5 TDI multitronic and I love it to bits, but it's quite expensive in monthly payments (it's on a PCP) and at the moment it's worth almost exactly what I owe on it (about £15,500).

First question - my instinct is to wait till it's 2.5 years old till I change: it'll be worth less but I'll owe less. The last car (Golf TDI estate) at 2.5 years old was worth £2,000 more than I owed. Has anyone with experience of PCPs any views on whether it's worth waiting a few months longer?

Secondly, if I'm going to pay less per month, the shortlist looks like the following: it doesn't *have* to be an automatic but I'd prefer it.

VW Golf Plus 2.0 TDI DSG
Skoda Octavia estate 2.0 TDI DSG
Mercedes B200 CDI (CVT equivalent)
BMW 320D ES Touring automatic (anyone know what sort of auto this is? - and I think it may eb too expensive anyway)
Mazda 6 estate 2.0 diesel (but no auto)
Ford C-Max 2.0 TDCI (auto is torque-converter and will sap

Audi A4 Avant 2.0 - might seem the obvious choice but still expensive and I might as well have the Golf or the Skoda as the engine is the same.

I always enjoy helping others on this forum in choosing a car, so have fun on me this time.
The Audi is 2.... - Peter S
The E90/91 3 series comes with a 6 speed auto I believe. From experience, and speaking to others, BMW diesels seem to take quite a hit on the economy front when paired with an auto box.

It's also worth checking the lease cost of the SE variant as well, as it is sometimes offered at very similar rates to the ES, and you'd gaim proper climate control along with a few other bits and pieces...

hope this helps

The Audi is 2.... - Pugugly {P}
BMW diesels seem to take quite a hit on the economy front when paired with an auto box.
Yep - certainly does.
The Audi is 2.... - Peter S
Although ironically, given its weight and performance, my current 535d touring (auto only) has averaged 32.4mpg over 3,500 miles. An earlier E46 330d touring auto averaged 33.2mpg over its time with me despite weighing the best part of half a tonne less and being down almost 100bhp...

The Audi is 2.... - Pugugly {P}
My 330d was more economical than all three fives I've recently owned, more like 40mpg (easilly). The latter 530d was in the high 30s (around 37mpg on my CarCare spreadsheet) The 535d saloon is in the region of 33mpg, as you say though still not bad for such a large beast, but its been pussyfooting around due to its newness.
The Audi is 2.... - tyro

Sorry for going off subject, but since you are an accountant, is there any financial advantage to getting a car on PCP rather than cash? Just curious.
The Audi is 2.... - Altea Ego
Why the Golf Plus? The others are estate type vehicles the golf plus is just a golf with a teeny weeny bit more room.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
The Audi is 2.... - Avant
TVM - I think you're right. It was on the list because the previous Golf estate did such a good job. The children are grown up but it's surprising how often one needs a small van - but most of the time' I'm on my own or with SWMBO, and the Tour Van and Passat estate are a bit bigget then we need.

I've just tried a B-class and liked it - expensive but Mercedes are doing a good deal on them at the moment. Anyone got any experience of them?
The Audi is 2.... - Avant
Tyro - no, not at all from an 'accountancy' point of view, but accountants are mere mortals and like buying new cars without necessarily having the cash available, or wanting to tie it up in a car even if they had.

I think a PCP works well when the car in question holds its value well, like an Audi: what you ideally want is a car that at the end of the term is worth comfortably more than the final 'balloon payment' - thereby providing a deposit for the next car.

Like any other form of HP, a PCP carries interest which many people abhor. Accountants don't always take the advice that they might give to their clients!
The Audi is 2.... - tyro
Thanks. Curiousity satisfied.

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