Escort 1994 1.6 16v - shadow.saw
i have recentley rebuilt my zetec but also with piper cams & flowing and porting and an fse power boost valve i also have had the ecu reflashed to match the mods but its a pain to start, idles irractically, and has a bad misfire after you rev it up misses on way back down to idle speed ive had the timing done abut 3 times its got new plugs gapped at 1mm, new leads, new earths, new mass air meter, new lamda sensor and new engine sensors but it still has the same problem any ideas cos its cost me a small fortune but its currently running at 160 brake with 140 torque so when it runs ok it will be well worth it ps it still does 30 to the gallon
Escort 1994 1.6 16v - mfarrow
Have you tried a changing the coil pack? Also, which sensors have you had replaced?

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