'96 Golf VR6 sounds haunted - Meko
Recently my 96 Golf VR6 has been making a few ghostly whirring noises.
Pretty sure it's coming from the back but can't be 100% sure. Also on a couple of occasions i've had to brake sharply and i can feel the pedal juddering so i'm guessing it could be something to do with the brakes.
Somebody i've mentioned it to said it could be a worn / warped brake disc. I had the car serviced in August and they mentioned the discs were a bit worn but wouldn't need to bother getting it replaced as my brake pads were fine so 'no need to bother for another 10,000 miles or so'.

any ideas?

'96 Golf VR6 sounds haunted - VR6
Could be one of the rear wheel bearings. A garage will be able to diagnose it by jacking it up and spinning the rear wheels listening for noise. If it is a bearing, make sure the garage know what they are doing, as the ABS sensor is all to easy to damage, and about £70 for the part.

Also, could the juddering be the ABS kicking in? How hard did you brake? ABS makes a very distinctive noise/pedal feel.
'96 Golf VR6 sounds haunted - Meko
Cheers VR6, it was the rear drivers side bearing, all replaced and purring like an angry lion again.
'96 Golf VR6 sounds haunted - VR6
Glad I could help.

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