BMW 730 electrical - jeziman
Hi there,

Just a last chnace to save my new purchase, a 1988 730i. Died with an electrical fault last week and has been in the garage - they replaced the cranshaft sensor and then got it running, although then the oil warning light popped up. They switched it off then to check the level and then it wouldn't start again. That lot cost me £200 quid and I still have a non running car. Would really like to get it running again if possible but am not great with electrics. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, have a nice relaxing Sunday night before the horrors of the working week!
BMW 730 electrical - Railroad.
Some systems have a fuel pump cut out in the event of oil pressure falling. This is designed to stop the engine before damage occurs and was fitted on some Rovers. Don't know if BMWs use it but it is worth checking.

Do it by removing the wire on the oil pressure switch and holding it to earth, then try to start it. If it starts disconnect the wire from earth and see if it cuts out. If it does you either have a faulty oil pressure switch, or an oil pressure fault. If it's the latter DO NOT DRIVE, or serious and irrepairable engine damage will occur.
BMW 730 electrical - jeziman
Thanks for that, will have a look when I can locate the bits!

BMW 730 electrical - storme
check the camshaft position sensor as well,,if this fails,,then the car wont shaft at all

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