Mk2 Mondeo Leak - Villaman
I have a 98 Mondeo 1.8 TD.
Some mornings I find that there is a small pool of fluid in the space on the mat under the clutch and steering column.
I have checked the power steering fluid etc but levels are fine.
Anyone know what is might be? Car drives fine - smooth clutch, steering okay.
Mk2 Mondeo Leak - Dynamic Dave
Leaking heater matrix?
Mk2 Mondeo Leak - kithmo
Have you checked the brake fluid level. It could be the hydraulic clutch master cylinder that is leaking, this is fed from the same reservior as the brakes. There would be evidence of the leak on the bulkhead above the clutch pedal.
Mk2 Mondeo Leak - Adam {P}
Does it have aircon?

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